Resona R9

Innovative clinical tools enabling

more confident diagnosis

Excellent Imaging Performance Advanced Features

More clear image for confident diagnosis

Based on ZST+ powerful processing capability, iClear+   provides you higher signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and less speckle noise for better image visualization.

More clear image for confident diagnosis.

iClear+   Case: Shoulder Joint

1More detailed muscle informatio
2Better tendon fiber definition
Glazing Flow

A brand new way to demonstrate the 2D color/power

Doppler flow innovatively in a 3D visualization

Provide intuitive spatial information on CDFI.
Provide better structure visualization for small vessels.

Glazing Flow case (power mode) :

Renal artery tree.

Glazing Flow delivers sharp visualization in arcuate artery and minor interlobular artery structure with 3D view.

Innovative clinical tools enabling

more precise intervention

Advanced Features

A new standard of   image clarity

  • Liver Mass with HD Scope

  • Hyperplasia Of Mammary Glands

  • CEUS of Liver Hemagioma

  • CEUS TIC of Breast Carcinoma

  • Strain Elastography of Breast Mass

  • STE of Breast Carcinoma

  • STE of Liver Cirrhosis

  • Glazing Flow of Renal Artery

  • CCA and Jugular Vein


  • Cardiac Pulmonary Regurgitation

  • Cardiac HCM


transducer solutions

  • ABD
  • SC6-1U
  • C5-1U
  • C4-1U
  • PED
  • C11-3U
  • P7-3U
  • P8-3Ts
  • SMP
  • L11-3U
  • L14-5WU
  • LM16-4U
  • L14-3WU
  • DL14-3U
  • Vascular
  • L9-3U
  • L11-3U
  • C11-3U
  • C4-1U
  • Cardiac
  • SP5-1U
  • P7-3U
  • P10-4U
  • P7-3TU
  • P8-3Ts
  • MSK
  • L16-4HU
  • L20-5U
  • LM16-4U
  • L14-3WU
  • Urology
  • V11-3HU
  • ELC13-4U
  • Interventiona
  • C6-2GU
  • 7LT4s

Ensuring a better user experience

High resolution LED monitor
with wide angle of view

13.3'' gesture control touch screen
High resolution (1920x1080) LCD
anti-glare touch screen

Silence Scan
Reduce by up to 44% acoustic pressure
in clinical routine

Six direction floating control panel
with Electronic control height adjustment

Standby battery
Standby mode for up to 24 hours


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