Parameter Modules

Platinum Multi-Parameter Module

· 3/5/6/12-lead ECG (available 12-lead Glasgow interpretation), SpO2* , Respiration, Dual Invasive Blood Pressures, Temperature, NIBP, Multifunction port (for Defib. Sync. & Analog Output)

CO2 Module

· Carbon dioxide
· Artema™ Sidestream
· Oridion Microstream™
· Capnostat Mainstream

IBP Module

· Invasive blood pressure
· Provides up to 8 channels totally

CO Module

· Cardiac Output

Single SpO2 Module

· Pulse oxygen saturation module
· Mindray SpO2
· Masimo SET® Technology SpO2
· Nellcor® OxiMax® Technology SpO2

Single TEMP Module

· Skin and core temperature measurement module
· Simultaneously monitor up to eight temperature sites and calculate the difference between two measured sites

Genius™ 2 TEMP Module

· Interface module to support the Genius™ 2 tethered tympanic thermometer

AG Module

· Anesthesia gas (available O2 monitoring)

BIS Module

· Bispectral Index
· Available with Covidien BISx and BISx4 technology

AG&BIS Module

· Combination module
· Anesthesia gas (available O2 monitoring)
· Bispectral Index(available with Covidien BISx and BISx4)

NMT Module

· Neuromuscular transmission monitoring
· Simple and accurate technique to measure response to nerve stimulation
· Provides indication of patient’s neuromuscular status
· Data integrated into N-Series display; can be exported to EMR

PICCO Module

· Continuous cardiac output monitoring by using a central venous catheter and an axillary or femoral artery catheter.
· A unique combination of transpulmonary thermodilution measurement and pulse contour analysis for advanced haemodynamic and volumetric management.

RM Module

· Artema technology for monitoring respiratory mechanics parameters
· Enables clinicians to understand the ventilator/anesthesia machine operation and patient respiratory status

ICG Module

· Impedance cardiography utilizing thoracic electrical bioimpedance (TEB) technology
· Continuously measures hemodynamic parameters such as cardiac output, system vascular resistance, heart contractility and thoracic fluid content non-invasively.

rSO2 Module

· Regional Oxygen Saturation module
· Provides noninvasive and continuous information of changes in regional oxygen saturation of blood
· Continuously monitors from up to four channels

EEG Module

· Electroencephalography module for monitoring cerebral function by measuring the electrical activity of the brain
· Continuously monitors EEG signal from up to four channels

CCO/SvO2 Module

Continuous cardiac output and mixed venous oxygen saturation interface module, used to interface with Edwards EV1000, HemoSphere, Vigileo® and Vigilence® II monitors

ScvO2 Module

· Central venous oxygen saturation module

BeneLink Module

· Used for integration of information from a connected bedside device
*Mindray provides 3 options of SpO2 measurement, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information about the availability of Masimo and Nellcor SpO2, please contact your local sales representatives.

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