MobiEye 700

MobiEye 700

Mobile Radiography System

Insight with Power and Mobility

Intelligence Everywhere

  • Unique bionic manipulator
  • Intelligent speed regulation
  • Multiple control mode
  • Maximum examination coverage

Beyond the Limitation

  • Superior battery capacity
  • Dual-mode power management
  • Rapid charging function
  • Patented electricity transmission technology
  • Enhance the life-span of power system

Innovation to Trust

  • Anti-collision design
  • Detector security technology
  • Exposure status LED indicator
  • Auto/Manual motion mode

Remarkable Self-Production

  • Mindray MPX detector
  • Liquid & dust resistant
  • Lighter & slimmer
  • ‘Mind-Home’ concept

Strategy for Unification

  • 5G wireless detector conjugation
  • Unification of radiology family

Mindray in Action to Combat COVID-19

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