MobiEye 700

MobiEye 700

Mobile Radiography System

Insight with Power and Mobility

The fully motorized MobiEye 700 as one of the most evolutionaryradiology products in 2015 has implemented the best unparalleledtechnologies. With absolutely redefinitions on the superior powersystem and intelligent mobility, MobiEye 700 is competent for anycomplex diagnostic environment. The contribution from MobiEye 700is far more beyond innovation of current mobile radiology devices,but the revelation for the next era.


Intelligence Everywhere
· Unique bionic manipulator
· Intelligent speed regulation
· Multiple control mode
· Maximum examination coverage


Beyond the Limitation
· Superior battery capacity
· Dual-mode power management
· Rapid charging function
· Patented electricity transmission technology
· Enhance the life-span of power system


Innovation to Trust
· Anti-collision design
· Detector security technology
· Exposure status LED indicator
· Auto/Manual motion mode

MPX Detector

Remarkable Self-Production
· Mindray MPX detector
· Liquid & dust resistant
· Lighter & slimmer
· ‘Mind-Home’ concept


Strategy for Unication
· 5G wireless detector conjugation
· Unication of radiology family


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