3kg , 44mm

ultra-light and thin, agile mobility

Intuitive Interface

User-centric design User-defined layout
User-centric design | User-defined layout

Three screens design

Trustworthy Imaging

MX7, based on our revolutionary ZST+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced algorithm, is designed to provide trustworthy imaging for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition

Dynamic Pixel Focusing

GI Solution

UWN+ (Ultra-Wideband Non-linear) Contrast Imaging

Gall Bladder


CEUS solution to detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals with higher CTR, with:

Excellent contrast agent sensitivity to see more details

Dynamic pixel focusing provides pretty good uniformity from near to far field

Longer CEUS perfusion time and less dosage of contrast agent

Natural Touch Elastography


Shell analysis

Color coded strain Elastography with good sensitivity, measuring the relative tissue stiffness with

Unique Shell to analyze infiltration status

Multi-parameter quantification analysis

Available for breast, thyroid, GYN …


iNeedle+ on linear

iNeedle+ on convex

2nd generation needle enhancement technology for easy needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy for guided procedures.

Dual real-time comparing display

Multi-angle auto-adjustment is suitable for different depth applications

Cardiovascular Solution

Tissue Doppler Imaging(TDI)

TVI with Speed

TVI with Strain rate

Multi-TDI modes TVI, TEI, TVD and TVM

Support real time and offline comparison analysis


Tissue Tracking and Quantification Analysis

Excellent B mode image quality provide accurate diagnosis

Support for online and offline analysis

Auto EF

Auto EF

Automatically recognize A2C or A4C

Automatically recognize the border of endocardium

Automatically recognize diastole and systole frames

Stress Echo

Stress Echo

Supporting multiple load protocols.

Cardiac wall motion score

Supporting stress imaging under LVO

Stress Echo:Evaluation of myocardial perfusion and viability

LVO (Left ventricle Opacification )

Providing clearer endocardia border display to improve image performance of difficult patients.


RF-data Based IMT based on Radio Frequency data and accurate real-time IMT measurement

Early diagnosis CVDs

Measure the RF data of totally 6 cardiac cycles and then find out the maximum value of each cardiac cycle and the mean value of 6 maximum values, providing more trustable and reliable

High precision, real time and auto measurement can improve early diagnosis of CVDs and improve the effectiveness of pharmacy treatment follow-up


RF-data Based Quantitative Analysis on Vessel Stiffness based on Radio Frequency data, and provides extremely accurate calculation on vessel wall distension

Solution for early diagnosis CVD

After the collection of data, press ‘Accepted Result’, we’ll get a report about PWV and Hardness coefficient

High precision, real time and auto measurement provides complete solution for early vascular Diagnostic

OB/GYN Solution

Smart OB

Smart OB – HC/BPD

Smart OB - FL

Accurate auto measurements of most frequently examined parameters on a single click.

Comprehensive Battery Solution

With optional U-Bank, MX7 can support up to 8 hours continuous scanning, providing one day scanning companion.

U-Bank with trolley

U-Bank with main unit

Promising Design

Convenient probe extender

Extend the probe socket from one to two ports, no matter with trolley or not

AL-Mg alloy design

AL-Mg covers on MX provides the high quality with better robust and duration

Anti-collision design

• Transducer holder

• Rear handle for main unit

Cable management

• Probe cable upwards

• Multi-functional rear handle for winding cable

Innovative storage design

• Three storage baskets provide large storage space

• The baskets are interchangeable, the tray can be used as cover to avoid dropping

Largest lifting range

320mm height lifting range.

“X” ultra-small chassis

Free to enter narrow space and rotate

Vibration-reducing casters

Adapt to various road conditions

Medical-grade magnetic power socket

• Simple to connect

• Prevents cable strain

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