ME Series

Comprehensive disinfection solution

Splash-resistant control panel for
reliable cleaning and disinfection

High quality materials selection with
high chemical resistance and durability

Unique transducer tracking function,
Z-tracking records the usage and basic
patient information

Critical Care Application

With exceptional cardiac imaging performance and advanced analysis tools, ME provides a combination of quality, efficiency and portability under critical care scenarios.

Smart Fluid Management Solution

Smart B-line

Automatically count the number of B-lines and percentage of area of B-lines according to the protocols. And score the performance of lung in four patterns according to lung aeration. Image overview and color map of score can assist on the assessment of pulmonary function.

Smart IVC

Automatic measurement of IVC(Inferior Vena Cava) parameters, helps for volume status assessment and guides the fluid therapy. A graph of parameters change about CI or DI and IVCV for monitoring the change of critical ill patients.

Smart VTI

Automatic measurement of the VTI(Velocity Time Integral ) and CO (Cardiac Output), for rapid assessment of cardiac function. Automatically locate color box and PW sample line on real time. A graph of parameters trends about CO, SV and VTI to guide the decision-making.

Emergency Application

Equipped with rapid bedside ultrasound protocol based workflow, ME helps to quickly assess patients’ status under emergency.

Efficient workflow

Specially designed for Emergency application, fast access to most frequently used transducers and exam modes. In addition, FAST, EFATE and so on protocols help you to evaluate adequately and quickly.

Auto EF

Automatic measurement of EDV/ESV/EF etc. results on 2D echo clips by Simpson method

Automatically recognize A2C or A4C

Automatically recognize the border of endocardium

Automatically recognize diastole and systole frames


Tissue Doppler Imaging modes

Automatically recognize A2C or A4C

Support comprehensive Tissue Doppler Imaging modes (Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Velocity Motion, Tissue Velocity Doppler and Tissue Energy Imaging)

Anesthesia application

Aiming to make anesthesiologists daily work easy and accurate, the magnetic based ultrasound-guided nerve block solution and perioperative hemodynamic solution on ME helps anesthesiologists to perform monitoring, treatments and evaluation with ease and confidence.

Nerve Block Solution

eSpacial Navi

With eSpacial NaviTM, ME better visualizes the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of- Plane procedures, allowing you to plan the needle trajectory before puncturing and guiding you to the target safer and easier to decrease the risk of complications.

Nerve Block Solution

iNeedle+ on linear

iNeedle+ on convex


2nd generation needle enhancement technology for easy needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy for In-plane procedures.

Available on both linear and convex transducers

Automatically identify the direction of needle

Accurate automatic needle angle tracking and optimizing by degree

Nerve Block Solution

Tranducer with programmable buttons

The L12-3RCs with 3 programmable buttons ensures simple, fast, and convenient control without touching the system, letting you focus more on patient care. The optimally positioned keys can be defined as depth & gain adjustment, freeze & unfreeze, save image & cine, and more.

Nerve Block Solution

3kg , 44mm

ultra-light and thin, agile mobility

Comprehensive Battery Solution

With optional U-Bank, ME can support up to 8 hours continuous scanning, providing one day scanning companion.

U-Bank with trolley

U-Bank with main unit

Promising design

External battery status display

Viewing battery status anytime, when system is turned off

Medica-grade magnetic power socket

• Easy to use
• Prevent dragging damage

Special transducer holder

For easily putting on sterile cover by one operator

Cable management

• Probe cable upwards
• Multi-functional rear handle for winding cable

Innovative storage design

• Three storage baskets provide large storage space
• The baskets are interchangeable, the tray can be used as cover to avoid dropping

Largest lifting range

320mm height lifting range.

“X” ultra-small chassis

Free to enter narrow space and rotate

*The whole trolley is resistant to a variety of disinfectant

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