Locking System

Locking System

  • MR-VA Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate

  • MR-VA Distal Radius L Plate

  • MR-VA Distal Lateral Humeral Locking Plate

  • LCP Clavicle Hook Plate

  • LCP Superior Clavicle Plate

  • Proximal Humeral Plate

  • LCP Volar Column Distal Radius Plate

  • LCP straight plate 2.7

  • LCP Distal Anterolateral Tibial Plate

  • LCP Low Bend Distal Medial Tibial Plate

  • Proximal Medial Tibial Plate 3.5

  • Proximal Tibial Plate 3.5, low bend

  • LISS Distal Femoral Plate


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