HyPort R80


With the built-in oxygen concentration monitoring system and effective cable management system, the HyPort R80 is capable of creating a reliable and streamlined ICU environment to ensure patient safety.

24-hour continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration with built-in alert system

Proper exhaust system design

Cable Management

  • Hook-design Leadwire Manager

  • Pump Cable Clamps

  • Bedside Device Cable Manager


The HyPort R80 is a highly integrated bedside device management system that helps caregivers organize medical devices to meet various clinical needs. It makes efficient use of beside space with a series of easy-to-use designs, enabling a more efficient workflow for medical staff.

Folding-shelf design

Suitable for both portable ventilators and integrated ventilators.

Bag-valve-mask management

Making sure bag valve mask is easy to access and ready for emergency situations anytime when needed.

Partition management

The pump separation layout allows medical staff to easily identify infusion pumps and feeding pumps.

Smooth movement

The advanced braking technology ensures stability of the column when moving.


The lighting system of the HyPort R80 aims to create a comfortable, near-natural light ICU environment to enhance patient recovery.


Circadian Light

Simulating 24-hour natural daylight change to reflect circadian rhythm.


Examination Light

Up to 10,000 lux, 5-level adjustable illuminance meets various needs of head and abdominal examination.


Reading Light

Effectively avoid invalid glare to meet the reading needs of rehabilitating patients.


Navigation Light

Providing enough lighting with less glare for medical staff’s easy observation and intervention.


The HyPort R80 has been designed to meet the demands of different ICU layouts to create a safer, more efficient and comfortable ICU environment with patient-centric design.

ICU double room solution A

ICU double room solution B

ICU open room solution

ICU single room solution

NICU open room solution

NICU single room solution


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