H50P, featuring the gold-standard High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) method and a high throughput of 50 samples per hour, excels in detecting glycosylated hemoglobin with superior precision.


· HPLC method for HbA1c testing
· 4 parameters: HbF, HbA1c, HbA1, and eAG*
· Less than 1% CVs
· Two testing mode: Standard mode and HbE mode
· Certified by NGSP and IFCC
· 8.4 inch large-sized LED touch screen
· Up to 50 samples per hour
· First sample result reported within 3 minutes
· 2 sampling modes: autoloader and closed tube
· 40 tubes autoloader with random access
· Intelligent tube rack recognition
· Long-life analytical column
· Radio Frequency(RF) technology for reading reagent information
· Large storage capacity: 50,000 results
· Bi-directional LIS supported

8.4 inch touch screen

· High resolution
· User-friendly software


· 3 built-in reagents
· RF* detection
· Reagent saving

Flexible modes

· Standard mode and HbE mode
· Easy maintenance

HPLC column

· Easy to replace
· Long life span


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