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To deliver on the promise of quality health care within reach, Mindray always devote to contribute more for Primary Healthcare Service with creative action.

As an innovator, who keeps on providing the progressive solution to envision your improving mind, Mindray introduces the DC-40 Crystal to you with Pure Crystal Experience.

Single Crystal Technology

1Why Need Single - Crystal in Primary Care?

Clinical Challenges


High-tech Migration

Pioneer in Primary Care

Mindray’s total OBG solution in primary care


Integrating a ray-casting algorithm with a new virtual lighting modality, iLive generates an amazingly realistic view of the fetus with human skin-like images.


Greatly improved SNR, to see more pure and detailed image on technically difficult patients. Markedly increased penetration, augment diagnostic efficacy on obese patients.


Better image resolution and tissue definition for obstetrics imaging
Higher signal to noise ratio for Complex organizational structure
Easier to acquire informative 3D/4D image, More diagnosis information shown for doctors

Smart OB

Smart OB provides accurate auto measurements for most frequently examined fetal parameters including BPD, OFD, HC, AC and FL.

Smart FLC

Smart FLC is a tool to automatically detect the number of follicles, and calculate each of the follicle. It also provides a report with color marks for study.

Smart Face

Smart Face provides fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with one-touch operation. It immediately removes occlusions and eliminates noise information, generating an optimal view of the fetal face with more simplicity.

Dedicated package for IVF application

Specialized IVF program solution :
Intuitive documentation for follicles and endometrial measurements.
Dedicated reporting structure to help assess and monitor follicles development and growth.
Improve patient management and patient care.

Clinical Images

  • Baby Face

  • Fetal Cerebellum

  • Fetal heart CFM

  • Fetal Heart PW

  • Fetal Spine

  • Smart FLC

  • Uterus 2D

  • Smart NT


Baby Face


Fetal Cerebellum


Fetal heart CFM


Fetal Heart PW


Fetal Spine


Smart FLC


Uterus 2D


Smart NT


User-oriented design-technology

Single Crystal Tier

21.5inch screen: 1920 x 1080

DE11-3E Dual-Volume Solution

SC5-1N & SD8-1E

Height-adjustable control panel

Storage Plate

4 Probe sockets


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