Full HD concept: a higher solution beyond expectation
‘Full HD’ is a progressive solution to fulfill the demands from you, who devotes for better primary healthcare service. It is believed that, even under limited condition, ultrasound system deserve to have clarity of imaging, ease of use and guarantee of reliability for you.
As the first launching member of ‘Full HD’ portfolio, DC-40 with Full HD is the perfect answer to your clinical requirement. The concept of ‘Full HD’ is to provide ultrasound users with exceptional capabilities, including Higher Imaging Definition, Higher Ergonomic Design and Higher Reliable Dependence.

Higher Imaging Definition

More clarity for diagnosis

Classic imaging technologies: enhancing the quality for diagnosis

By the application of classic imaging technologies, which are migrated from established ultrasound systems, DC-40 with Full HD provides you with the enhancement on the quality of image detail.
· iClear (speckle-reduction imaging technology)
· PSH (Phase Shift Harmonic imaging)
· iBeam: spatial-compounding imaging technology

Optimized transducers family: wide range of application coverage

With versatile transducers combination, DC-40 with Full HD offers the best balanced performance across a wide range of applications, and produces advanced image quality in a wide variety of patient types.

ComboWave transducers

Compared with traditional transducers, ComboWave transducers utilize a new type of composite piezoelectric material to dramatically optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance. Further integrated with Mindray unique 3T technology, the ComboWave linear transducers allow you to experience outstanding performance with extreme image resolution and uniformity in thyroid, breast, vascular, and more.


Combining the convex volume, endocavity volume, and related application packages, DC-40 with Full HD introduces the ‘Dual-Volume’ solution, which provides dedicated 4D women care from the prenatal exams to the pregnancy check.

Urological solution

The specially-designed biplane transducers, including the linear/convex and dual micro-convex, support versatile urological solution for your mind-extension.

Higher Ergonomics Design
More convenience for use

Full range of application tools: accuracy guarantee with convenience


DC-40 with Full HD delivers a range of tools that maximize diagnostic accuracy with convenience. DC-40 with Full HD provides you with a complete solution for mainstream clinical applications, with simplified workflow for efficiency.

Smart OB

Smart OB provides accurate auto measurements for most frequently examined fetal parameters including BPD, OFD, HC, AC and FL.

Smart FLC

Smart FLC is a tool to automatically detect the number of follicles, and calculate the of each follicle. It also provides a report with color marks for study.

Smart Face

Smart Face provides fast and intelligent optimization for fetal face with one-touch operation. It immediately removes occlusions and eliminates noise information, generating an optimal view of the fetal face with more simplicity.

Dedicated package for IVF application

Specialized IVF program solution :
· Intuitive documentation for follicles and endometrial measurements
· Dedicated reporting structure to help assess and monitor follicles development and growth
· Improve patient management and patient care


Integrating a ray-casting algorithm with a new virtual lighting modality, iLive generates an amazingly realistic view of the fetus with human skin-like images.

Ergonomic for ease-of-use

Higher Reliable Dependence

More care for trust
For decades, Mindray cares about using intelligence to enhance the safety, accuracy and stability of its products, to ensure the satisfaction during your daily diagnosis.

Care for safety


Dedicated inbuilt educational tool, providing users with guidance on 'how & what' of ultrasound scanning. iScanHelper includes anatomical illustrations, standard ultrasound images, scanning reference pictures and tips on scanning skillfully.

Proven Reliability

Green ultrasound system

Higher compatibility of power supply

iPower: in-built battery system

Clinical Images



Baby face iLive


Fetal 4D with iLive


Fetal heart CFM


Fetal Heart PW


Smart FLC


Uterus 2D


  • 3C5A

  • C6-2

  • D7-2

  • D7-2E

  • DE11-3E

  • V10-3B

  • V11-3


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