BeneFusion e Series

Efficiency in Workflow

Intuitive Interaction

3.5" colored capacitive touchscreen brings users an excellent experience with smooth operation.

Intuitive user interface enables quick programming of key parameters, making workflow process much easier.

Fast Preparation

SmartRapid TM

SmartRapid TM ensures timely infusion by significantly shortening the start-up time, from turning on the pump to delivering the first drop of medication.

Turn On


Syringe Loading


First Drop Delivery


Efficient IV Set Loading Process

BeneFusion eVP is designed to streamline the process of loading an IV set, making it more efficient.

SafeDose TM

The color coding of drug name assists users to easily select and verify the correct drug.

SafeDoseTM Info software enables programming infusion parameters automatically to enhance efficiency.

SafeDoseTM DERS helps prevent dosing error with hard or soft limits restriction.

Quick in Problem Solving

Dynamic Pressure System

Speedometer style indicator with numerical pressure to monitor the in-line pressure trend just with a glance.

Alert with a visual message about the possible occlusion before interrupting the infusion.

Auto-attempting mechanism enables infusion resume as early as possible to ensure continuous infusion.

Intuitive Alarm System

Instructional animation pops up to guide users to quickly solve the problem.

Efficiency in Safety

Precise Infusion Performance

High accuracy: eSP ±1.8%; eVP ±5%.

Long-hour accuracy assured.

Automatic Multi-channel Relay

BeneFusion e series supports both circular and customized relay to make sure the continuity of infusion.

Smooth relay workflow ensures stable and seamless drug-giving process.


With SmartAIR TM, BeneFusion eVP largely enhances the safety level of IV administration.

Dual ultrasound sensor to detect the air bubbles more precisely, avoiding missing or false air-in-line alarm.

15ul air bubble detection size on BeneFusion eVP, ensuring patient safety throughout the infusion, even for neonates.

Efficiency in Application

All in One

BeneFusion eSP and eVP satisfy various infusion purposes by combining all functions together.

Flexible Docking Solution

Modular docking design of BeneFusion eDS enables easy expansion from 2 to 16 slots.

Ingenious design ensures easy plug-in of pumps.


4 - 8
Intensive care/Operation

10 – 16
Intensive care

Efficiency in Informatics

Integrated Central Monitoring

BeneVisionTM CMS offers one-stop monitoring of all patients’ vital sign and infusion treatment details, providing comprehensive information for clinical workers to improve the quality of patient care.

  • CIS
  • EMR
  • HIS
  • eGateway
  • Mobile Viewer
  • CMS Viewer
  • BeneVision CMS
  • WorkStation
  • BeneFusion nCS
  • BeneFusion e Series
  • BeneFusion e Series

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