BeneFusion SP3 Vet


· Precise algorithm, high infusion accuracy of the whole rate ≤ ± 2% or ±0.005ml/h,
whichever is larger, satisfying small animal use.

· Fast start function, first drop to be delivered within 2-3 seconds, ensure a timely
infusion therapy even under very low rate for tiny animals.
· High level of resistance to water and dust: IP34.
· Intelligent Occlusion Management System: DPS and Anti-Bolus,pressure detection
5 levels adjustable starts from 75mmHg for tiny animals.
· Meet EN1789 standard, supporting use in vet ambulance.

Easy to use
· Quick guidance, training-free operation.
· Graphic alarm with animation display, easy to identify and locate the issues.
· Universal pole clamp for cage mounting (optional).
· Brand management function (Pre-configured syringes: Add/Modify).
· Unique volume collection function in 4 methods for animal angiographic
operation, endovascular therapy and postoperative observation.


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