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Caring for women, at every stage of life

Mindray 2021-03-11

Women could face physical health challenges, at different stages of life.

Mindray women's health care solutions are designed to make it easier.

As women's bodies change over time, their health care needs change too:


Sex organ maturity

Secondary sex characteristics development

Child-bearing years

Reproduction capability

Female sex hormone fluctuation

Gestational period

Fertility and reproductive health


Pregnancy and post partum recovery

Maternal fetal care


Decreased ovarian follicles

Hormone level change

Breast and uterus health

Thyroid condition evaluation

Through the detection of the biomarkers, we can evaluate the thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and thyroid tumor caused by a number of factors, for example, autoimmune thyroid diseases.

Gynecology endocrine diseases

During child-bearing years, ovary reserve and function, uterus & lower genital tract diseases diagnosis and treatment, as well as fertility evaluation are common examinations in gynecology.


Sex development

During puberty, sex organ maturity and secondary sex characteristics development can be evaluated by detecting the related hormones levels.

Gestational period

Peace of mind for mothers-to-be and new mothers

Mindray provides comprehensive ulstrasound diagnostic solutions with specialised technologies to care for women throughout gestational age, from OB/GYN, reproduction to neonatal care.

Lab test:
Gestational anemia and thyroid diseases are highly prevalent worldwide. It's important to test these biomarkers to help identify gestation-related diseases earlier.


Less stress and better quality of life

With insights into different clinical needs, Mindray smart ultrasound innovations help bring better lives to women.

Smart measurement and accurate ultrasound diagnostic tools can speed up checkups, which means less trips to the hospitals for women and enhanced effiency for doctors.

Lab test:
During menopause, it is recommended to pay attention to female hormone levels change, bone health, and cardiovascular conditions, through the detection of the following biomarkers.

Mindray comprehensive women's health care solutions

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