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Shining a Light on Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring

Mindray 2021-06-25

With heart disease remaining the leading cause of death globally for years, CCUs have always been one of the busiest departments in hospitals.

Due to the low nurse-patient ratio, a cardiac nurse needs to take care of several patients at once every day. Even though all patients require uninterrupted monitoring, different types of them need different levels of care.

The complicated workflow urges the CCU to improve the connectivity among the devices, patients and medical staff, creating synergy for higher efficiency and better quality of care.

Remote connectivity: reliable data transmission

Most ambulatory cardiac patients can move on their own. The telemetry monitor connected to the CMS helps in securing uninterrupted monitoring, ensuring patient mobility and saving nurses’ time for high-acuity patients.

Greater patient mobility facilitates patient recovery; however, it also causes problems.

For example, the telemetry might be disconnected due to the unstable Wi-Fi signal, and the patient data might be lost.

To achieve reliable wireless telemetry monitoring, the Wi-Fi network in the hospital needs to be much faster and much more stable than the Wi-Fi used in daily life.

As part of Mindray’s M-Connect IT Solution, the Mindray Wireless Area Network (MWAN), the first medical-grade Wi-Fi network in the industry, can ensure the stable connectivity of telemetry monitoring.

When a patient happens to walk out of the Wi-Fi area, the data can still be collected. Empowered by the MWAN technology, the BeneVision TM80 telemetry monitor can reconnect to the CMS swiftly once the signal recovers, and automatically backfill the data, thereby effectively preventing data loss.

Bedside connectivity: pairing to fill the gap

The workflow at a CCU can be optimized through data synchronization, which allows medical staff to monitor patient status anytime, anywhere.

Empowered by the wireless sensor, the BeneVision TM80 telemetry monitor can pair with Mindray’s BeneVision N Series monitor easily to sync data. With this made possible, medical staff can view patient data at the bedside anytime during rounds, even though patients are walking around.

Being able to pair with BeneVision N Series patient monitors at any department across the hospital, the BeneVision TM80 can be carried by the patient throughout the whole patient journey, reducing extra workload of switching between patient monitors, enhancing mobility for bedridden patients, and allowing for greater patient ambulation.

Interdepartmental synergy: creating a better care team model

Besides in the CCU and the stepdown unit, supported by the MWAN technology and the connected features of the M-Connect IT Solution, the BeneVision TM80 telemetry monitor can serve patients in multiple departments.

This unlocks the possibility of creating a care team model that offers quality ambulatory cardiac care to most patients.

A new care team model: Cardiac Rhythm Management Nurse Team

When the patient with cardiac risks is admitted to the general ward, or stays in the observation room after treatments in the ER, the connected telemetry can sync data with the CMS of the CCU, so that nurses can remotely monitor patient status. Once any adverse event happens, the at-risk patient can be located swiftly, and the nearest medical staff can be notified to provide timely treatments.

Everything works better when working as one. The synergy enabled by the full connectivity of M-Connect IT Solution has unlocked the greater potential of the medical resources, which in long run not only improves patient outcomes, but also greatly increases operational efficiency.

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