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League of Legends: Mindray joining hands with Avanzcare

Mindray 2016-11-25

Oct 26th was a day out of the ordinary for Hotel Marriott Doha, as it witnessed the strategic partnership signing ceremony between Mindray and Avanzcare, two major players in Qatar's healthcare industry. The presence of Li Chen, Chinese Ambassador to Qatar, along with over 100 respected medical professionals added significance to the occasion. Mindray, as China's No.1 medical equipment developer and manufacturer, will better serve Qatar's medical community by bringing more cutting-edge technologies with joint efforts of Avanzcare, whose owner is one of Qatar's most renowned business legend.

H.E. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of Al Faisal Holding and founder of Al Sawari Holding(parent company of Avanzcare), is Qatar's only Forbes1,000-listed billionaire who managed to earn his wealth by doing business in the construction sector rather than in oil and gas. The 68-year-old Sheikh is with a current net worth which totals a whopping 2.2 billion dollars, owning two of Qatar’s largest privately held diversified industry groups, Al Faisaland Al Sawari. The group operates in a variety of sectors, including realestate, construction, hospitality, trading, transportation, entertainment, education, services and information technology. Avanzcare is one of Al Sawari's subsidiaries with a focus on the healthcare industry, especially in the high-end market.

Sheikh Faisal's presence attracted many Qatar's mainstream media including Gulf Times, Peninsula, etc. The business tycoon expressed great optimism in long-term cooperation with Mindray, ready to expand his business scale as well as to better service the country as a man of great social responsibility. Sheikh Faisal owns Qatar's most-visited museum and is trustee of Qatar University. He also holds firm dedication in brining high quality healthcare to his country.

Sheikh Turki bin Faisal Bin Qassim al Thani, son of Sheikh Faisal and chairman of Al Sawari, gave the opening address of the ceremony. He said that Avanzcare, with the help of Mindray, would be able to provide hospitals with comprehensive solutions throughout Qatar. Mohamed Shafeik, Managing Director of Al Sawari Holding said, "Our company agreement with Mindray is part of our endeavour to partner with leading businesses in order to enhance our services and address people's healthcare needs in the most efficient way possible. We believe that this cooperation will guarantee the welfare of the community at large and will enable Qatar to get the best and most relevant healthcare products. "

Jason Wang, GM of Mindray MEA stated that Qatar's healthcare market has experienced explosive growth over the past decade, and that Mindray's partnership with Avanzcare is to offer solutions for hospitals and clinics across Qatar. Being part of Qatar's premium healthcare establishment will enhance Mindray's global presence.

The strategic cooperation with Avanzcare stands as a milestone that opens a new chapter for Mindray in Qatar, making the company more technically and financially capable to further penetrate the market along with Avanzcare as a partner. This will ultimately benefit medical communities and patients in Qatar, as they will enjoy high quality healthcare at an affordable price.

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