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Envision Intelligence: faster than a split second!

Mindray 2017-07-26

In a fast-paced society driven by booming technological innovations, intelligence is no longer the imaginary existence in science fiction. It has come to life, and can be seen increasingly much in the evolusion of modern industry.

We mean it literally. Intelligence can be seen -- as in visualization -- and it is faster than you think.

This is one of the process visualization boards at the Mindray Manufacturing Center in Guangming District, Shenzhen. Every minute, it receives over 100,000 pieces of data transmitted from the production line, and translates that data into visualized graphics on the screen. That is to say, the data collection and processing are done in accurate, precisely calibrated time -- in microseconds.

Microsecond, a one millionth of a second.

Such high-frequency data collection is to fully collect production information and precisely ensure the consistency of production through the analysis and optimization of big data. How to collect such a large number of data is distributed in more than 1,000 sensors of each process non-negligibly.

This is the speed of intelligence in manufacturing.

control system in the production process

At the Reagent Manufacturing Facility of Mindray's Guangming Manufacturing Center, there is a perfect production process control system in the clean production workshop. More than 1,500 sensors transmit every little step in the manufacturing process to the management system in real time, to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the production data.

Here, 5,000 variables are added up and optimized in real time. The jumpy data showing on the big screen include the changes of these variables at every moment. The most complete and accurate data provide managers with the full understanding of the production status.

This is the intelligent visible production management system of Mindray. This time, let us step inside Mindray’s Reagent Manufacturing Facility and envision the intelligence of manufacturing.

Mindray Reagent Manufacturing Facility

in Guangming District, Shenzhen

The Reagent Manufacutring Facility is an important member of the “international standard quality management platform” among the three platforms established by Mindray. Occupying an area of more than 60,000 square meters, it is the largest-scale in-vitro diagnostics reagent production base with the most complete product types in China.

Here, the GMP requirement is performed in design, building, decoration and production operation management. Each operation and each product is traceable. For example, in the water purifying process, the staff can have a complete tracking and tracing of the purifying system through monitoring the conditions of the different water purifiers. Through the traceability system, the fool-proof and error-proof design is conducted for the important quality link of reagents through real and complete data live transmission to the manufacturing execution system in the checkout procedure, to ensure the delivery quality of products. In the blending link, the fully verified CIP technology and online real-time monitoring inrinsing water conductivity can ensure the effectiveness of the rinsing effect and thoroughly solve the cross contamination problem.

water purifying system

These is a series of intelligent transformation measures made by Mindray for the manufacturing value chain, respectively reflected in the engineering and design integrated innovation, supply chain management predictable intervention improvement, intelligent tooling in manufacturing, intelligent visual management in production operation, comprehensive detecting techniques inquality inspection and the intelligent dispatch of logistic warehousing, of which, the intelligent visual management system is the microsecond-level data acquisition system mentioned above. It plays a vital role in production operation efficiency and quality control.

visualized monitoring management throughout the whole production process

The intelligent visualization capability ensures the detail management ability for production, making the whole production process informationalized and transparent. In the reagent production, the detailed process data record can provide the objective basis for problematic source tracing.

Mindray’s Manufacturing System Deputy General Manager Ding Yi mentioned that generally in the industry, there are 5 pages at most for the production batch record of reagents. But in Mindray, the reagent recording reaches more than 90 pages on average. This fully reflects Mindray’s emphasis on production detailed management.

It is thought in the famous “Smiling Curve” that R&D and marketing are the highland of added value while manufacturing is the low-lying land. However, Mindray believes that manufacturing is an important part of the link value and the emphasis on manufacturing directly influences the realization of R&D results and also is the very foundation of product marketing.

Whether it is the nearly 100-page report, the microsecond-level data collection or more than 10,000 data analyses all guarantee the quality requirement of the products. This is the commitment of Mindray to customers and also the ingenious pursuit of Mindray people for molding every work. Now let us walk into Mindray's Reagent Manufacturing Facility in the video!

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