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Dear Mom,

Mindray 2017-05-14

I don't quite remember how we started this little game of fun.

I've enjoyed it, until this moment.

Do you feel the same way?

In the 1940s,

you tried to see me,

but all you got was a series of waveband

that vaguely depicted my brain.


You did not cease the quest,

this time you caught me kissing my hands in a vague,

black and white image.


For the first time,

you could see my heartbeat in color picture

though still abstract, our bond is strong.


You were excited to see me in 3D image.

I remember you lying there, amazingly

carefully studying my arms, my legs.

I was no longer just a vague image you could only picture with your imagination.

Oh you caught me! You caught my naughty movements in 4D!

Would you blame me in your whisper to me at night?

I guess you would be lighted after catching my sweet kissing and smiling.

Would you get mad if I was naughty and wanted to play hide and seek?

I guess you wouldn't.

They make this Smart Face tool for you so that you can see my face,

even when I'm hiding from you for fun.

Can you see me opening eyes? Do they look more like yours or daddy's ?

Can you see my little ears that are going to hear your sweet lullaby?

Can you see my fitness figure that is going to give you a big hug and back you in the future?

Can you see my legs that make the belly kicks you have complained about?

Thank you for never giving up, and always wanting to see more of me.

Thank you for the numerous attempts you've made to see me.

Nice to meet you in my life.

I love you, Mom!

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