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BeneVision N Series: new benchmark in patient monitoring

Mindray 2017-06-06

Tremendous advances in medical technology have transformed acute care hospitals into highly complex institutions in the past one hundred years. Areas such as emergency, critical care medicine, surgery, and anesthesia are very dynamic and demanding environments with constantly evolving needs.

Mindray's BeneVision N Series Patient Monitors are designed to address these challenges with a new benchmark in patient monitoring.

Change your perspective, again

BeneVision's unique user interface allows you to interact with the monitoring system intuitively. BeneVision N22/N19 is the world's first bedside patient monitor with rotatable screen that displays patient information wider or higher up to clinicians' choice under different clinical settings. The newly upgraded touchscreen offers cannot-wait feature and multi-touch gesture control on a precise, smooth, and durable capacitive touchscreen. Moreover, the built-in light sensor enables automatic brightness adjustment to reduce pollution for a comfortable environment.

Built for a paperless future

BeneVision's originated interoperability platform provides clinicians with much more seamless clinical informatics workflow. A powerful iView medical PC inside BeneVision runs your own Applications independently to bring all patient information you need into the same screen, just like your own clinical workstation .

A plug and play BeneLink module interfaces with other bedside devices, and a built-in HL7 interface connects with your EMR system directly.

BeneVision's powerful data integration capacity also allows it to be the center of a seamless informatic workflow which also includes the T1 transport solution. The compact T1 monitor follows the patient continuously and seamlessly anywhere, anytime. T1 combines the MPM module and transport monitor together, with plug and play capability with BeneVision N Series host monitors. Together they constitute a data network that streamlines workflow, enhances patient safety and optimizes resources for clinicians.

Another improvement to clinical workflow BeneVision offers is alarm management. With Smartpager technology, you can receive alarm notification on mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablet computers. You can close the room doors and still ensure that patients are being monitored, and that you are notified immediately in case of emergencies even when you are not at the patient's bedside.

Maximize diagnostic confidence

You can also utilize BeneVision's advanced clinical features for much more simplified decision-making. The built-in CAA tools, such as ST Graphic, HemoSight, SepsisSight, BoA Dashboard and EWS scoring, summarize and visualize complex clinical data and process into a uncomplicated view. Together, wider choice of clinical measurement modules provide accurate , realtime patient data, and adapt to acuity level changes.

The new BeneVision N Series Patient Monitor reaches a new height in both physical and cognitive ergonomics. Innovative features on user interface, interoperability and clinical tools, aim to free the caregivers from complexity while focus more on their patient. BeneVision is your next generation patient monitoring solution.

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