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Vienna in March, Riding the Waves in the Bigger Picture

"The 25th ECR in Vienna can be considered as a chance to reflect on the journey of European radiology through the past years and as a starting point for the future. This is why it has been called ‘the bigger picture'," indicated the ESR President Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi, Head of the Department of Radiology at the University of Genoa, Italy.
Visitors flock to the Vienna Center

The crowded entrance of the expo

As a world class event that has grown from humble beginnings in 1991 at the Austria Center to a sprawling congress, ECR is now the largest radiological meeting in Europe. From February 27 to March 3, over 30,000 attendees from around the world flocked to meet, converse, share, learn, and see the latest radiology solutions in Vienna this year. 
The theme zone of ECR 2019

The grand opening on the first day

As ECR continued to create their bigger picture to celebrate 25 years, Mindray was also engaged in this big event to share the latest radiology solution with the global experts at booth #509. By displaying the innovative systems of Resona 7, X-Insight Series, M9 and TE7, the Mindray booth turned heads and attracted the attention of many visitors from around the world.
Mindray booth crowded with visitors

Visitors show great interest in X-Insight

Meanwhile, to provide radiology learning and advancements through educational programmes, Mindray initiated a brand-new session "Meet the Expert". From February 28 to March 2, visitors had the wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss with global renowned experts. Each expert brought their own insights and ideas of how to get the best out of specific aspects of Mindray’s amazing ultrasound systems. 

Have a brief look at the key messages delivered by the experts at the Mindray booth.

Making waves at ECR 2019, Mindray’s Resona 7 was leading the way as interested visitors discovered how it could enhance their diagnostic confidence and efficiency in daily practice.
Visitors learn from the Resona 7 system

Sound Touch Elastography (STE), enables comprehensive quantitative elastic analysis. And the operator independent feature ensures good reproducibility and highly consistent quantitative elastic results. UWN+ CEUS, improves the contrast imaging examinations by requiring a smaller contrast agent dosage and visualizing the contrast agent over a longer duration.
Visitors discuss on the elastography solution

Taking into account today’s evolving clinical needs, Mindray’s X-Insight series delivers a revolutionary approach to providing the radiology solutions. With the unique independent power for continuous scanning, DC-80A with X-Insight provides an intelligent solution for quick and quality imaging.
Visitors experience the DC-80A with X-Insight system

Driving forward with eXpress Clarity, eXceptional Intelligence, and eXceeding Experience, X-Insight has the answers in need today for the problems of the future.
Visitors interact on the X-Insight software

At the same time, TE7 makes patient care easier by being a dedicated point of care ultrasound system. As an easy to use touch screen system, it was also a stand-out system for visitors at ECR. With the system’s eSpacial Navi feature it can easily visualize and guide needle puncture regardless if it is in-plane or out-of-plane with the transducer. The feature also accurately shows the alignment and trajectory of the needle for a safer and easier procedure. 
Visitors surround at TE7 system

Mindray is dedicated to bringing better healthcare to all of humanity. It is this commitment that inspires us to not only innovate and develop cutting-edge medical equipment and solutions, but also engage in global exhibitions such as ECR to share and absorb the latest technologies and ideas in the constantly evolving medical community. Mindray will continue with its ongoing dedication to global exchanges, to harnessing technological advancements, and to helping you lead your own wave.

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