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The New MWAN Wi-Fi Technology Leads Safer Ambulatory Patient Monitoring


In most cases, respiratory and heart failure can be detected 6 to 8 hours before the event based on patient’s physiological changes. Telemetry is designed to observe these changes. It helps caregivers monitor patients who are capable of moving around but under the risk of arrhythmia or sudden deterioration. 

Although real-time patient monitoring is not a new topic for wireless medical application, researchers and engineers realized that, after a lot of efforts, the requirements for implementing telemetries in hospital are complicated, with the unsatisfying wireless system as its main challenge.

To address the problem, Mindray has developed the MWAN, the first medical-grade wireless network technology dedicated for telemetry. It allows the Mindray’s BeneVision TM80  telemetry monitor to be seamlessly integrated into the hospital’s existing IT infrastructure while still maintaining a reliable performance to ensure patient’s safety. 

MWAN enhances patient’s safety

Test results showed the outstanding connectivity of the BeneVision TM80 in a 5G network within 24 hours. When it came to 2.4G, the drop-out rate still remained under 0.1% and the BeneVision TM80 had reconnected immediately.

By wireless interference immunity, timely data transfer and the high-speed roaming which is 5 times faster than the industry standard, the MWAN technology allows caregivers to monitor ambulatory patients and in a continuous and real-time manner, and quickly respond to any events. .

However, it could happen that the patient might walk outside the Wi-Fi area, where the connection can get lost. Caregivers can now be reassured, as the BeneVision TM80 would switch to a powerful local monitor so the patient is still being taken care of. The built-in alarm would also be triggered if any arrhythmia event is detected. 

When the patient walks back, all the data including up to 200 events, 48-hours trends and 2-hour full disclosure waveforms will be backfilled to the Central Monitoring System (CMS) automatically, and there will be no gap in patient data.

Brings the best patient’s experience

It is important to make patients feel comfortable with a telemetry monitor. The BeneVision TM80 is easy to use and carry around while providing
accurate and uninterrupted measurements of ECG, Respiration, SPO2 and NIBP. No bigger than a smart phone, it is able to run 40 hours in a row.
And through 1.5-meter drop test and IPX7 waterproof test, it is safe for patient’s normal daily activities like shower.

A streamlined clinical workflow

The BeneVision TM80 supports bi-directional communication with the Central Station, which helps streamline the clinical workflow, and thus
save time and improve efficiency.

While hospitals typically lose 10%-20% of their telemetry devices each year, the device location feature of the BeneVision TM80 can help them find
the missing devices and locate their patients easily. “It is an amazing function for nurses to know where patients are if they go out of wards, and it is
really easy for us to find out TM80 when we forgot where was it,” commented Mats Karlsson, Biomedical Engineer at Falun Hospital, Sweden.

With robust wireless connection and optimized patient’s experience, the BeneVision TM80 with MWAN is confident of taking the lead to offer
reliable and continuous monitoring for ambulatory patients.


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