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Mindray Showcases Latest Medical Innovations at Arab Health & Medlab Middle East 2020

In February, 2020, Mindray showcases its latest medical equipment solutions of Patient Monitoring & Life Support and Medical Imaging System at Arab Health, the largest healthcare exhibition in the MEA region. It is followed by Medlab Middle East, the most influential laboratory medicine exhibition in the region, where Mindray exhibits its wide range of in-vitro diagnostics solution to attendees. 

Mindray attracts a large number of visitors at Arab Health 2020.

Where Mindray meets you

2020 marks the eighteenth year that Mindray has attended the Arab Health. Along Mindray’s localization and globalization journey, Arab Health serves as an important platform where Mindray meets new customers and explores new opportunities. In a sustained partnership, Arab Health also sees Mindray’s years of dedication to bringing better healthcare to the local community and a stronger brand influence in the international arena. On the first day of the exhibition, a special celebration event was held at Mindray booth to celebrate the long time partnership between Mindray and the Informa, and to look forward to a higher level of win-win cooperation in the future. 

Ross Williams, Exhibition Director of Informa, Jack Wei, General Manager of Informa China, and  Raymond Chen, General Manager of Mindray CIS&ME, Jeff Gui, General Manager of Mindray Africa, attended the event.

 Where you meet better healthcare

This year, Mindray brings comprehensive solutions in Patient Monitoring & Life Support and Medical Imaging System for global visitors. 

PMLS Solutions: Safety All Around
Safety is the cornerstone, the standard, and the ultimate goal of healthcare industry. We put safety of patient, safety of clinical workflow, and safety of data in our top priority at all times. For decades, Mindray has committed ourselves to providing premium solutions to achieve safety in various clinical scenarios such as the ICU, operating room, emergency room as well as in the hospital’s data management network.

At the booth, Mindray’s integrated ICU solution and comprehensive OR solution impress many visitors. Consisting of advanced patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilator and ultrasound system, the ICU solution offers high visibility, continuity and reliability of patient information and medication support. A series of clinical assistive tools and user-friendly interfaces help streamline the workflow of monitoring, diagnosis and treatment, taking ICU patients’ safety to the next level.

Mindray’s integrated ICU solution.

Mindray’s OR solution combines a broad spectrum of medical devices into one organic solution, which includes anesthesia workstation, patient monitor, POC ultrasound system, defibrillator, endoscope, surgical lights, operating table and medical supply unit. The connectivity and interoperability between these devices and the hospital’s multiple information systems enables clinicians to make informed decisions for their patients all the way throughout peri-operation. 

Mindray’s comprehensive OR solution.

ePM, as a sub-acute patient monitor, is dedicated to delivering excellent experience for both patients and nurses with accurate physiological measurements and a smooth workflow. 

Mindray’s HD3 Endoscope Camera System delivers exceptional image quality and user experiences, which is designed to fulfill the requirements of minimally invasive surgeries.

The new BeneHeart C Series AED powers on in less than 8 second, making it faster than ever to start resuscitation procedures for sudden cardiac arrest.

UIS Solutions: Build up Confidence
For years, Mindray has stayed committed to offering a wide range of intelligent solutions targeting different applications such as Radiology, OB/GYN, Cardiology and Point-of-Care. With precise imaging, intelligent applications, intuitive workflow and ergonomic design, Mindray solutions greatly enhance the diagnostic confidence of clinicians.

At the booth, the complete radiology solution is showcased with the demonstration of the flagship ultrasound system, Resona 7, powered by the most revolutionary Zone Sonography® Technology. Integrated with Mindray exclusive Ultra-wide Beam Tracking technology, the equipped Sound Touch Elastography demonstrates a giant leap on ultrasound performance, mainly manifesting in better penetration, more accurate quantification and less acoustic power. It helps to analyze and evaluate tissue stiffness within a selected region precisely, which ensures accuracy and reproducibility of the examination.

The real time Sound Touch Elastography on Resona 7 helps to diagnose suspicious lesions with more confidence.

The DC-80 with X-Insight also attracts tons of eyeballs with its exceeding clarity. The Glazing Flow acts as a breakthrough and brand new way to demonstrate the color Doppler flow innovatively in a 3D visualization. It is able to provide intuitive and easy visualization of blood flow structures, especially very tiny vessels which helps to achieve confident diagnosis even with daily increases in patient throughput.

DC-80 with X-Insight is designed to deliver high efficiency with precision imaging.

With insights into clinical challenges, Mindray Point-of-Care solutions open more doors and lead to greater possibilities in terms of Point-of-Care scenarios: Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency. As an excellent integration of simplified workflow, fast response and supreme image quality at the Point-of-care, TE7 provides clinicians with the accuracy and simplicity they need for fast, real-time decision-making.

Touch Screen Ultrasound System TE7, a game-changer in the field of Point-of-Care.

MX7, the latest hand-carried ultrasound system.

IVD Solutions: Empowering trust with reliable quality
Mindray believes that each test matters. That’s why Mindray is constantly transforming advanced technology into wide range of reliable diagnostics solutions covering hematology, biochemistry, chemiluminescence immunoassay, coagulation, urinalysis, microbiology, HPLC analysis and flow cytometry. With reliable quality and result, Mindray solutions are trusted by both laboratories and patients across the world.

Mindray's IVD innovations, including the high performance SAL 9000 Modular System, the market-proven CAL 6000 Cellular Analysis Line and the compact CL-900i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System, are also turning many heads at Medlab Middle East which follows Arab Health. With innovative, reliable laboratory solutions, Mindray ensures that each test you do is of the highest standard and can be trusted to support better clinical decisions.  

SAL 9000 is an integrated chemistry-immunoassay system that can deliver reliable results while ensuring high productivity and efficiency. 

Inheriting the high-end testing platform and technology, the bench-top CAL 6000 is making hematology automation truly within reach.

Being one of the smallest automated chemiluminescence immunoassay systems in the world, the CL-900i delivers solid performance with fast speed.

Mindray is dedicated to sharing more medical technologies and advocating greater healthcare exchanges to the region through the platforms of Arab Health, Medlab Middle East and other regional activities. With the vision of “better healthcare for all”, Mindray will continue bringing better healthcare within reach and adding bricks to the healthcare and also people-to-people exchanges in the region.


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