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Mindray Showcases Comprehensive Innovations at MEDICA 2019

How to achieve safety and privacy in the ICU?
How does Ultrasound enhance clinical diagnostic confidence?
What is Bordeaux’s choice for a trusted medical partner?

At this year’s MEDICA, Mindray brings a comprehensive set of solutions together with touching customer stories on display, and there are three little words Mindray wants to share with all audiences. Three little words can be “I love you”. But what else can they be? It’s time to unveil the answers!
At the booth, the Patient Monitoring and Life Support solutions wow the crowd with its comprehensive spectrum of products, ranging from patient monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines and defibrillators, infusion pumps to various surgical equipment. The PMLS solutions are applied to support patient safety in different clinical environments such as ICU, OR and ER.

To take the ICU as an example, caregivers are trying hard to find a balance between providing safe care and ensuring patients' privacy. One of the cases is in the Sunderland Royal Hospital, which is the largest and most prestigious local hospital in Northeastern England. The hospital requires all nursing staff to work outside the ICU units in the corridor to minimize the risk of cross-infection. The wall of the ICU is thus designed with a special ceiling-to-floor electronic glass so that nurses can reduce unnecessary entries and easily check patient status from the outside. Importantly, the glass wall can be turned opaque when the patient needs privacy.

Mindray's BeneVision solution in the Sunderland Hospital.

Mindray’s advanced BeneVision N22 patient monitor provides vivid color display so that the numbers and signs on the screen remain clearly readable when the glass is turned opaque and caregivers check the screen from the corridor. Together with connected IT solution, the BeneVision N22 allows caregivers to be alerted anytime and anywhere. Safety and privacy is thus both achieved. 

The intelligent and rotatable BeneVision N22 patient monitor, helps you see more with ease.

Not only in the Royal Sunderland, Mindray's flagship patient monitoring solution is also supporting many other leading hospitals. The Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals in UK adpot the world's most compact transport patient monitor - the BeneVision N1 - to enhance safety with continuous visibility of data throughout the patient journey. This palm-sized multi-parameter monitor takes care of patients all the way from pre-hospital, ER, through OR to ICU and general wards, even during out of hospital transport.

The plug & play feature of the BeneVision N1 allows you to just grab and go.

And the list goes on, with another highlight being the newly launched BeneHeart C Series AED. It marks the big step Mindray has made towards being a public medical device provider.

BeneHeart C Series, Mindray's new AED.

The new AED can deliver the first shock in less than 8 seconds – making it the fastest AED in the market. Integrated with the unique ResQNavi technology, the BeneHeart C Series can guide users through the rescue process with adaptive animation coaching and voice prompts step by step. This will give more confidence to rescuers to save a life. The public, be it in the campus, metro stations, airports, shopping malls or workplaces, are able to enjoy the reliable medical technologies provided by Mindray.

Specially designed for sub-acute care, the ePM Series is very easy to use - most functions can be accessed in only 1 step.

The advanced A7 anesthesia workstation has several smart functions to help anesthetists easily predict, identify and intervene in safety risks of patients.

The award-winning SV800 high-end ventilator is well-recognized for its streamlined UI design to improve the ICU efficiency.

With the innovative Multi-Patch Superposition Technology and iRelax feature, the HyLED X Series is developed to optimize surgical illumination and protect surgeon's eyes.

Mindray's BeneFusion 5 Series redefines the SAFE Infusion by focusing on Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design and Easy connection.

The HD3 endoscope camera system delivers exceptional image quality with 3-chip CMOS sensor, premium optical lens, real-time optimization software and a FHD screen.

Mindray's IVD innovations, including the market-proven CAL 6000 Cellular Analysis Line and the compact CL-900i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System, are also turning many heads at MEDICA. With innovative, reliable, high-quality and accessible laboratory solutions, Mindray ensures that each test you do is of the highest standard and can be trusted to support better clinical decisions.  

A case in point is the Centre Hospitalier de Libourne located in Bordeaux region, France. While the Bordeaux wine is trusted by wine lovers across the world, the Centre Hospitalier de Libourne is trusted by the region's citizens for its high standard of health services. In a joint effort to further improve the region's health care, Mindray's cellular analysis lines are helping the laboratory of CHL to deliver more efficient, more reliable test results to its patients. Mindray is helping to build more trust between the healthcare providers and patients in Bordeaux and beyond.  

Inheriting the high-end testing platform and technology, the bench-top CAL 6000 is making hematology automation truly within reach.

Being one of the smallest automated chemiluminescence immunoassay systems in the world, the CL-900i delivers solid performance with fast speed.

Mindray’s ultrasound solutions also made a splash among audiences. Offering a wide range of intelligent solutions targeting different applications such as Radiology, OB/GYN, Cardiology and Point-of-Care, Mindray firmly believes the diagnostic confidence of clinicians will be greatly enhanced. 

At the booth, the pre-launching ceremony of MX/ME was successfully held on the first day. As the Next Generation Laptop Ultrasound, it has extraordinary performance which is destined to bring stronger confidence in the future. Visitors all expressed their eager to explore more during the official launch in the coming future.

Pre-launching ceremony of Mindray new laptop ultrasound MX/ME.

Another vivid story also shared at the booth is how Mindray ultrasound technologies are applied in the Independent Vascular Services (IVS), an independent company that provides clinical services as well as vascular ultrasound departments for the National Health Service (NHS). IVS is working with the University of Manchester to prevent and treat vascular diseases. Together the researchers are finding an innovative way to detect and diagnose vascular diseases early on, which relies heavily on imaging with precise information. With V Flow technology, Mindray ultrasound now can help to accurately display the velocity magnitude and direction of blood cells within the scanned artery, vein orvessel. The clinical confidence of clinicians is greatly enhanced when they conduct the early diagnosis of diseases.

Powered by ZONE Sonography Technology, the real time Sound Touch Elastography on Resona 7 helps to diagnose suspicious lesions with more confidence.

Touch Screen Ultrasound System TE7, dedicated solution for the pioneer of care.

X-Insight Family, an insightful solution to envision more, is designed to deliver high efficiency with precision imaging.

Safety, Trust and Confidence. These three little words give full expression to Mindray's dedication to sharing better and more accessible medical technologies with the world. Mindray has been an active participant in each year's MEDICA and values its opportunity of bringing the latest innovations to world's largest event for the medical sector. 

2020 will mark the 20th year of Mindray attending MEDICA. What will Mindray showcase to you in 2020? Let's look forward to it and see you there at MEDICA next year!


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