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Mindray Showcased New Innovations at CMEF Spring 2018

The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2018) — the Asia-Pacific region's largest trade fair of medical equipment, took place in Shanghai, April 11-14. CMEF has been one of the major stages where Mindray showcases its latest medical device technologies and solutions.

Spectacular exhibition stand, eye-catching widescreen display, and yet the real head-turners were the high-quality products and smart solutions across its three key product lines — Patient Monitoring and Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging System, which attracted a large crowd of visitors from China and across the globe. 

Mindray's stand drew not only customers from around the world, but also Ministers of Health from other nations, as well as renowned experts from the world's top healthcare facilities, including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Mayo Clinic, four prestigious hospitals in the U.S.. 

From left to right: Mr. Marc Petre, Executive Director of Clinical Engineering at Cleveland Clinic, Mr. Andrew Currie, Director of Clinical Engineering Services at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mr. Michael Fraai, Executive Director of Biomedical Engineering & Device Integration at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Mr. Kevin Bennet, Chair of Division of Engineering at Mayo Clinic.

Mr. Marc Petre from Cleveland Clinic was studying the TE7 ultrasound system in POC application at Mindray' s stand. 

Vice President of Mindray Group, Mr. Li Zaiwen (left), and the Hon. Norwegian Minister of Health, Mr. Bent (right). 

Joined by ultrasound experts from the Chinese Medical Association and Shanghai's top-tier Ruijin Hospital, the American clinical engineering experts, as well as Mr. Li Zaiwen, Vice President of Mindray Group, Mindray held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch its new Resona Series Ultrasound Solution on the first day of CMEF. Based on the innovative Zone Intelligence, the Resona Series is evolving to provide a total solution to improve diagnostic confidence, efficiency, and standardization across different diagnostic challenges in the OB/GYN field. 

Top experts from China and the U.S. attended the launch ceremony of the Resona Series. 

At this year's CMEF, Mindray also launched its new laboratory solution — the SAL 9000 Chemi-immuno Modular System, to the Chinese market. Consolidating the BS-2000M Chemistry Analyzer with the world's fastest Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer CL-6000i, the SAL 9000 is so far the speediest integrated workstation for clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing with a comprehensive test menu. 

Members from China's and America's healthcare organizations and associations attended the launch ceremony of the SAL 9000.

The SAL 9000 is so far the fastest chemi-immuno modular system in the world.

Mindray exhibited for the first time the entire line of the BeneVision N Series Patient Monitoring Solution at CMEF Spring 2018. The newly launched BeneVision N1, in particular, commanded the most attention. Designed for uninterrupted monitoring during intra and out-of-hospital patient transport, BeneVision N1 integrates seamlessly into the BeneVision Patient Monitoring Solution with maximum reliability, ensuring data continuity for patient-centric monitoring and streamlined workflow. 

It was the first time Mindray had exhibited the full line of the BeneVision N Series Patient Monitoring Solution, which drew much attention. 

Specially designed for intra and out-of-hospital patient transprot, BeneVision N1 turned a lot of heads.

The new SV800 Ventilator on display at CMEF Shanghai 2018. 

As a total laboratory solution provider, Mindray presented at CMEF Shanghai its wide range of in-vitro diagnostics products and solutions catering to customers of all types and all levels. With reliable testing performance, easy-to-use design, and high efficiency, Mindray's laboratory solutions are opted for and trusted by leading laboratories and healthcare facilities around the globe.  

The CAL 6000 Cellular Analysis Line is a benchtop workstation designed to make hematology automation within reach.

Visitors were studying the new SAL 9000 Chemi-immuno Modular System. 

Mindray’s brand-new ultrasound solution X-Insight was another star exhibit at this year's CMEF. Powered by X-engine, X-Insight provides a full range of transducers to achieve more clarity with less efforts. And the smart exams throughout the entire examination greatly improves the scanning efficiency with more accuracy. Moreover, the better ergonomics and flexible management provides superior user experience for high quality exams at the same time.

A visitor was learning about the new ultrasound solution X-Insight. 

The state-of-the-art surgical equipment solution also attracted much attention at Mindray's booth. 

Visitors were exploring Mindray's HyLED 9 Series Surgical Lights.  

Mindray has been dedicated to supporting clinicians around the world with not only the best equipment solutions, but also pathways to exchange valuable knowledge and expertise across borders. In parallel with CMEF, the 3rd China International Clinical Engineering Forum for Innovation and Development (ICEF) was held on April 10 in Shanghai, gathering top experts from China, the U.S., the UK, and the Asia-Pacific region, to share and exchange cutting-edge ideas on research, innovation and equipment management in clinical engineering. The lecturers included the four American experts from Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Mayo Clinic.

"Clinical engineers worldwide are facing the same challenge of how to help caregivers deliver the best patient care. As a leading medical device solution provider and co-organizer of ICEF, Mindray is committed to advancing the development of the clinical engineering through building high-level exchange platforms between experts across the world," said Mr. Li Zaiwen, Vice President of Mindray Group, at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Li Zaiwen, Vice President of Mindray Group, addressed the opening ceremony of ICEF.

Mr. Kevin Bennet, Chair of Division of Engineering at Mayo Clinic in the US, shared his insight on the topic --"Engineering Research and Innovation at Mayo Clinic". 

Mr. Cheng Minghe, President of Mindray Group, at a media interview at CMEF. 

"As a leading global medical device solution provider, Mindray is actively engaged in international exchanges and close cooperation with medical experts worldwide. We take it upon ourselves to build innovative medical solutions around clinical needs to help caregivers deliver the best patient care," Mr. Cheng Minghe, President of Mindray Group, told the journalist at an interview at CMEF. With the vision to bring better healthcare for all, Mindray will continue its commitment to provide high-quality, customer-centric technological innovations and services to the medical communities worldwide.   


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