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Mindray Sets A New Standard for Infusion Pump with the BeneFusion n Series Infusion System


Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a leading provider of medical devices and solutions, has released its new generation infusion system, BeneFusion n Series. With deep insights into patient safety, operational simplicity, interoperability and data synergy, the BeneFusion n Series sets a new standard in infusion therapy.

With a large 7-inch full-touch capacitive screen and an intuitive interface, the BeneFusion n Series delivers a refreshing user experience with superior ease of use for greater precision and higher work efficiency. The system’s versatile docking portfolio also provides a comprehensive solution for a variety of infusion scenarios, with a flexible docking solution ranging from 2 to 24 slots.

15-25% of medication errors result from confusion with drug names. The SafeDoseTM drug management system of the BeneFusion n Series would effectively eliminate such errors to improve patient safety and improve clinical efficiency with the color-coding drug library and the parameter auto-filling function. The innovative SmartAIRTM with dual sensors can detect air bubbles in tubing with greater precision to minimize the risk of air embolism and elevate patient safety. It can also automatically trigger an ‘empty’ alarm when the infusion container is depleted.

To ensure on-time drug delivery, the BeneFusion n Series incorporates SmartRapidTM, which revolutionizes efficiency by allowing systems to power on in just 2 seconds, complete syringe loading in 4 seconds and deliver the first drop of drugs in 3 seconds. Powered by the advanced Dynamic Pressure System (DPS), the BeneFusion n Series can detect and monitor the occlusion situation more accurately and precisely. The real-time pressure in line is shown in an intuitive speedometer-style graphic, with clear pre-alert and alarm displayed when occlusion is occurring.

Medical devices never work independently, which is why the BeneFusion n Series is designed to integrate with other clinical data systems to facilitate clinical decision-making. At the bedside, InfusionViewTM of the infusion system enables medical staff to view the infusion data on the patient monitor — through seamless data integration and synergy, it offers a comprehensive picture of infusion data and physiological parameters for fast, accurate clinical decision-making and reasonable prescriptions. In addition, the BeneFusion n Series is also able to connect to the hospital’s HIS and CIS to offer centralized data management. With infusion and alarm information accessible anywhere and anytime, caregivers can keep monitoring patients constantly for optimal patient care, while greatly improving clinical efficiency.

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Watch the Replay of the BeneFusion n Series Virtual Launch Event


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