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Mindray Launches New Portable Ultrasound Systems ME Series to Combat COVID-19

#SeeBeyondBorders ME Series Online Global Launch Event (LIVE)
Apr.29 | 20:30(CST), 14:30(CEST), 8:30(EDT)

Mindray Medical (SZSE: 300760), a leading global provider of medical devices and solutions, announces the release of the new portable ultrasound systems, ME series to enhance clinical confidence during critical and emergency COVID-19 cases. They are now available in Europe and other selected countries.

Featuring smart fluid management solutions, comprehensive disinfection solution, convenient and agile mobility, intuitive interface and flexible battery solution, ME series help clinicians to address diagnostic challenges and make rapid decision in nowadays fast-paced, overburdened and demanding hospital environment.

Splash-resistant control panel, touch screen, touch pad and seamless button of ME Series

"During this pandemic, portable ultrasound system has irreplaceable value as a fast, convenient, non-radioactive, interactive diagnostic tool." said Fred Yang, Director of International Ultrasound System at Mindray. "ME series are dedicated designed to empower clinicians with more confidence to focus on patient care."

Facing COVID-19, quick assessment on the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS) and Septic Shock can help to work out the therapeutic plan and save lives. Based on deep learning algorithms, the clinically proven smart fluid management solutions of ME series are offered to accelerate patient assessments accurately and efficiently.

Under this critical moment, disinfection plays an essential part in achieving a high level of clinical safety. Perfectly meeting the demands of infection control, the seamless designed control panel, robust materials and unique transducer tracking function of ME series greatly reduce the risk of cross infection.

With only 3kg and 44mm in thickness, ME series can adapt to multiple environment and maneuver easily with no compromise in imaging performance. In addition, the three screens, user-centric design and user-define layout guarantee a simplified, intuitive interface and smooth workflow, which increases patient-throughput in busy scanning situation.

To overcome the battery challenges, ME series can support up to 8 hours continuous scanning with optional U-Bank, providing one day scanning companion. 

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