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Mindray introduces new high-end HyLED X Series surgical lights to protect the eyes of surgeons

Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leading developer and provider of medical devices and solutions, launched today its new high-end surgical lights, the HyLED X Series, aimed at optimizing surgical illumination and protecting the eyes of the surgeons during surgery. The HyLED X Series integrates various innovative lighting technologies and customer-centric designs to enhance the efficiency in the operating theatre, and allow doctors to focus more on their patients. 

“We spent years listening to clinical voices before we developed the HyLED X Series. It is designed to meet the ongoing needs in the operating theatre in terms of creating better vision, eye-relaxing light and easy to use UI design. It will give more confidence to doctors,” said Zhang Weiqiang, Director of Surgical Business at Mindray.

Creating better illumination for surgery
In surgical procedures, the optical performance of surgical lights can be affected by the changing positions of the surgeons or the various instruments being used. These obstructions may lead to uneven illumination on the operating field and impair surgeon’s precision and efficiency, increasing surgical risks. Therefore, a homogeneous light field is an important benchmark for the quality of a surgical light. 

Based on the study of hundreds of operations from over 50 hospitals, the HyLED X Series adopts the Multi-Patch Superposition Technology (MPST) to create a clear and homogeneous light field, even when it’s obstructed by up to 80%. The light has 24 groups of lens. Each individual group forms a complete patch and gets superimposed to contribute to a uniform light beam on the operating field. An ultra-small light field with a minimum 14cm area can be achieved to meet the specific needs of certain surgeries.

Protecting the eyes of surgeons by reducing visual fatigue
Interviews with around a hundred doctors revealed that eye strain is a common yet often-overlooked problem for surgeons in a surgical environment. Continuously working under high-intensity light results in intraoperative visual fatigue and increases the chance of surgical errors. As indicated by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), visual performance can be improved by reducing the contrast between the surgical site and peripheral region. 

The HyLED X Series provides an eye-relaxing light for surgeons through the innovative iRelax feature. It creates a gradual transition of light intensity between the focus and ambient lighting that can reduce the contrast and lower surgeons’ sensitivity to the illumination. Smooth brightness adjustments give surgeons enough time to adapt visual acuity when the surgical lights are switched on or off. 

Sparing more time for patients via enhanced workflow
The HyLED X Series incorporate a series of user-centered designs to enhance the surgical workflow, such as the rotatable multi-functional handle that allows doctors to directly control illumination and light field, the low resistance joint design that makes the light head easy to move, and the one-button switchover between 6 different illumination modes to quickly meet clinical needs of different procedures. 

The development of the new HyLED X Series surgical lights embodies a smooth integration of Mindray’s advanced medical innovations and clinical insights to the operating theatre. It creates a safer and more efficient surgical environment where doctors and nurses can always stay focused on their patients during surgery. With the vision of better healthcare for all, Mindray is dedicated to developing clinically-inspired medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible. 


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