Mindray and PULSION sign Licensing Agreement



Mindray signed new contract to facilitate integration of PULSION’s PiCCO and CeVOX technologies into their multi-parameter patient monitoring systems

Shenzhen, June 10, 2010 - Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, and PULSION Medical Systems AG, a leading specialist in minimal invasive critical care and cardiovascular patient monitoring, have reached agreement on a worldwide non-exclusive licence that Mindray will integrate PULSION’s PiCCO and CeVOX technologies into their patient monitoring systems.

Mindray’s multi-parameter patient monitors offer a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities for all patient acuity levels and all care units. With powerful functionality, flexible configuration, and modular design, Mindray’s patient monitoring systems give care teams more of the information they need while at the bedside or during transport.

PULSION’s PiCCO-Technology permits comprehensive and low-risk monitoring of cardiovascular functions in critically ill patients, in the intensive-care environment. PiCCO has become especially important in Europe, where the high-risk right-heart catheter method is being put increasingly under pressure. PiCCO monitoring provides a wide-ranging set of information for the physician to effectively perform a goal-directed therapy to manage patients’ cardio-vascular and volume condition.

PULSION's CeVOX-Technology offers a minimally invasive method for the continuous monitoring of the body’s oxygen balance, making it possible to identify acute risks to the cardiovascular system in critically ill patients at an early stage.

The signing of this licence agreement marks an important milestone in both Mindray’s and PULSION’s strategies to penetrate global markets with their advanced monitoring technologies.

“As a leading technology vendor in minimally invasive cardiovascular patient monitoring, PULSION is widely appreciated for its’ PiCCO technology, especially in the European market. The incorporation of PULSION’s PiCCO and CeVOX technologies into our modular patient monitors will help Mindray further enhance its comprehensive critical care monitoring solutions and match clinical demands of top-tier hospitals in Europe and other areas around the world,” said Ting Yang, VP of International Marketing at Mindray.

“The incorporation of PULSION’s PiCCO into Mindray’s modular monitors creates additional opportunities to steadily increase the number of PiCCO and CeVOX devices placed with customers. PULSION’s intention is to deliver a complete solution to healthcare providers, which will ultimately benefit both clinicians and their patients. As Mindray has become a major worldwide player – in China as well as in the U.S. market after the acquisition of Datascope Monitoring – we are very positive that this licensing arrangement will offer great potential for us to progress forward in China and in the U.S.,” explained Christoph Manegold, CTO, and Hans-Hubert Schmitt, CFO of PULSION Medical Systems AG.


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