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Mindray Signs Contract with Kenyan Government to
Facilitate National Healthcare Project

NAIROBI, Kenya – Feb. 6th – Mindray Medical International will provide high-quality medical equipment and services to facilitate Kenya's national healthcare project, thereby improving healthcare services for all Kenyans. 

Mr. Minghe Cheng, Mindray’s Co-Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategic Officer signed a contract with the Kenyan national government. It is one of five reputable medical equipment manufacturers that will help install and maintain the equipment as well as training medical personnel on using them.

The government-financed project will enable every county to have two hospitals fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities so that all Kenyans can enjoy specialized medical care.

“One of the areas where inequality manifests itself most starkly in our country is access to quality healthcare. This inequality, literally, is a matter of life and death. It is our irrevocable commitment to delivering equal access to high-quality treatment for all Kenyans wherever they live and regardless of their economic status,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta while presiding over the signing ceremony.

The new project aligns with Mindray's dedication to make better healthcare solutions more accessible to humanity. As a specialized provider of medical solutions, Mindray has shared advanced medical technologies and contributed to the provision of quality healthcare and support to those most in need. Since Mindray established its Nairobi office in 2014, the company has been serving the Kenyan community with diligence and dedication. 


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