Mindray Introduced the Latest Innovations in CMEF 2013

At the 69th CMEF during April 17th to 20th 2013, Mindray attracted thousands of visitors to its stand by showcasing the innovations including the CL-2000i Chemiluminescence System, A7 Anthesia Workstation, DC-N3 Diagnostic Ultrasound System, DigiEye780 Digital Radiography System, and 1 Solution. In addition to exhibiting the high-end products, Mindray also interacted with visitors through a somatosensory reactive game on the stand called “Discovery of Mindray”, in which the players moved their stretched arms to proble the beauty of life science technology in a 3D hospital.


The hard-hitting launch of the CL-2000i Chemiluminescence System in CMEF 2013 comes hand in hand with OmniLab the Chemiluminescence-Chemistry Serum Workstation, as Mindray’s tributes to the IVD course of China and therefore opening up a new era of the combination of biochemistry and immunoassay.

When interviewed by media on the exhibition, the General Manager of Mindray’s IVD Business Unit Ms. Ziling Huo introduced the CL-2000i Chemiluminescence System as “a new first in Chinese medical device industry”. She further explained that “the system is a world-level high end innovation with fully self-intellectual property. Within the system, micron magnetic particles are applied as the solid phase with alkaline phosphatase-labeled reagents and AMPPD as chemiluminescent substrate. The CL-2000i can detect a minimum amount under 10-18mol/L, more sensitively and stably than the traditional system of ALP-AMPPD.” The system enjoys other advantages in the test performance such as a throughput up to 240T/H, the coverage of 27 testable items as well as its complete traceability.

The CL-2000i is also able to be connected to Mindray’s BS-2000 Modular System, the fastest-speed Chemistry Analyzer in the world. An integrated full solution called Chemiluminescence-Chemistry Serum Workstation is therefore developed to combine the chemistry and immunoassay analysis in one test, in order to create a higher efficiency in core labs.

“1 Solution”
In this year’s CMEF exhibition, Mindray’s Patient Monitoring and Life Support business unit used a graphic wall to illustrate the workflow of “1 Solution” throughout the three key clinical areas in a hospital: emergency care, OR and ICU. This innovative concept capitalizes on Mindray’s broad product portfolio and offers hospitals a holistic and systemic solution to improve the overall efficiency and quality of care.

Based on a unified design platform and user interface, “1 Solution” provides patients and caregivers with solutions for emergency care, perioperative care, intensive care and sub-intensive care areas. Comprehensive and continuous patient information is accessible throughout the entire care process, from BeneHeart D1 AED over PHEIS pre-hospital emergency system, Beneview T1 transport monitor to Beneview T8 monitoring workstation. This complete integration of all devices offers a new level of patient information and improves workflow efficiency and patient safety.

“PHEIS pre-hospital emergency information system is one of our technological innovations that plays an essential role in ‘1 Solution’. PHEIS allows doctors to remotely access the complete vital signs information of a patient in the ambulance and to start the treatment preparations before the patient has arrived to the hospital, thus saving valuable time and lives.” Ms. Yanmei Guo, General Manager of Mindray’s Patient Monitoring and Life Support Business Unit, introduced to the media. “In peri-operative care, patient monitors are able to communicate and share information with anesthesia machines. Our new A7 high-end anesthesia workstation, developed jointly by the research centers in Mindray North America, Stockholm and China, is the system that is able to make the most of the combination of patient monitoring and anesthesia machine.”

Ultrasound and Radiology
The high-end Diagnostic Ultrasound System DC-8 along with the compact DC-N3 stepped into the spotlight in the ultrasound imaging exhibition area. As the first high-end color doppler ultrasound equipment in China, DC-8 has gained user's trust with its best-in-class image quality, ergonomics and reliable diagnosis effect. Meanwhile, DC-N3 was also well-received on CMEF due to its attributes of high image quality, versatility and affordability.

Audience also streamed in to see Mindray’s innovations in radiology, such as DigiEye780 and DigiEye560. DigiEye780 has been the first dual detectors DR to be developed in domestic market,with highest DQE flat panel detectors and high image quality. It also adopts ceiling suspending design with flexible control model and multifunction to meet versatile clinical application.

The launch of Mindray’s high-end innovations has drawn much attention from the medical industry during CMEF 2013, as a result from the integration of Mindray’s global research resources and the accumlation of its technogical development over the past 20 years. Consolidated in the middle and low-end market, Mindray has been constantly attaching great importance to the needs of customers, meanwhile, making new probes into the high-end area. With this faith and innovation, Mindray’s dream of “heathcare within reach” is to be more widely achieved.


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