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ECR 2018: Envision more with the insightful solution

As an international meeting and one of the leading events in radiology, the European Congress of Radiology, took place from Feb 28 to Mar 4 in Vienna, Austria. At this premier gathering of top medical minds and state-of-the-art healthcare advancements, Mindray once again stole the spotlight with its latest imaging innovations. 

With keen insight into clinical needs, and powered by cutting-edge technologies, X-Insight, an insightful ultrasound solution, was born. On Mar 1, the new solution was unveiled at ECR 2018 in Europe, garnering great attention of the global experts on site.

Designed to deliver high efficiency with precision imaging, X-Insight, is empowered by immediate clarity, All-Smart exams and comfortable experience. Based on X-engine with thunder-speed imaging, X-Insight provides a full range of cutting edge transducers to achieve more clarity with less efforts. The smart exams throughout the entire examination workflow improves scanning efficiency with more accuracy and consistency. In addition, with outstanding ease of use enabled by ergonomics designs, easier scanning, and flexible management, X-Insight provides superior user experience throughout the whole scanning process, resulting in more patient focus for high quality exams.

From Mar 1-4 at Mindray booth, an interactive live scanning provided visitors with a chance to get closer to Mindray's systems. Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+  platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. The live operation experience drew many experts and lighted up their interests, making Mindray booth one of the most visited venues at ECR.

Meanwhile, a specialized mini symposium was organized at Mindray booth as well, gathering a line-up of top clinicians and healthcare professionals to share their expertise and latest findings in the field of ultrasound. It continues to serve as a well-accredited platform of exchange of up-to-date ultrasound ideas and technologies between key opinion leaders.

Mindray is dedicated to bringing better healthcare to all humanity. It is that commitment to inspire us to not only innovate to develop cutting-edge medical equipment and solutions, but engage in global exhibitions such as ECR to share and absorb the latest technologies and ideas in the constantly evolving medical community. Mindray will continue with its ongoing dedication to global exchanges, to harness technological advancements, and to envision more in healthcare.  


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