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Mindray announced today that its new generation DC-8 Exp ultrasound system has been officially released worldwide. The system will be showcased for the first time at the upcoming Medica during 12-15th November, and is scheduled for availability in the U.S. market in early 2015.

Based on Mindray’s new generation mQuadro ultrasound platform, the DC-8 Exp brings together a new set of innovative solutions to enhance the experience of conducting an ultrasound exam and provide a confident diagnosis for patients across all ages and body types. The industry’s very first ultrasound system to implement a deep vascular detection solution, the DC-8 Exp incorporates a winning combination of outstanding processing capabilities, featuring Mindray’s proprietary transducer technology and user-defined interface that enables the practitioner to give an expert diagnosis.

The DC-8 Exp is dedicated to minimizing the limitations and maximizing the effectiveness of scanning difficult patients. The new single-crystal technology combined with 3T technology provides a wider bandwidth that gives both better penetration and higher resolution resulting in the best possible scanning solution for difficult patients. The new matrix-array transducer technology uses multiple rows of crystal to help achieve superb resolution of detail throughout the field of view. The unique ART Flow™ technology improves the display of hard-to-detect deep blood flow, and advanced Echo Boost™ technology provides intelligent optimization of images, especially on difficult patients.

“Mindray keeps endeavor in solving difficult patients diagnosis problem, DC-8 Exp is such a system especially for scanning with TDP,” said Ms. Sarah Li, General Manager of the Medical Imaging System Business Unit. “The new generation ultrasound platform mQuadro is the cornerstone of DC-8 Exp. With the combination of single crystal transducer technology and the industry’s unique deep vessels technology ART Flow, DC-8 Exp will demonstrate the power to easily image patients of various sizes and ages with more confidence. All innovations built in the system make DC-8 Exp versatile enough to satisfy different clinical requirements.”

With the DC-8 Exp, ultrasound practitioners are empowered to easily handle a comprehensive range of clinical exams such as abdominal, cardiovascular, OB/GYN, and small parts. Enhanced by the new architecture, advanced UWN+ Contrast Imaging and Natural Touch Elastography provide more insightful diagnostic information. In addition, a wide variety of sophisticated analysis tools including TT QA/LVO/Stress Echo help enhance the accuracy and confidence of cardiac disease assessment.

With the DC-8 Exp, ultrasound practitioners can increase their productivity while expending less effort. The new intelligent auto-optimization Smart Doppler tool enables rapid adjustment of color and PW modes, while auto-measurement tools help the ultrasound specialist to work smarter with less operational fatigue. In addition, the fully customizable iWorks greatly reduces keystrokes and improves exam efficiency, and auto IMT/auto LV supports smarter operation with automated measurements, all of which combine to allow more focus on the patient diagnosis.

The DC-8 Exp will be official launched at Medica Mindray booth A74/A78 Hall9 Wednesday Nov 12th at 13:30.


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