Your Guide to Look for A Good AED Supplier
Mindray 2021-04-09
We have emphasized the urgency of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of AED equipment countless times before, which is the reason why it is necessary to place AEDs in some public places. In addition to public places, some government agencies, business places and even own homes should place an AED to deal with such emergencies and improve the survival rate. More than that, even though we require the status of AED equipment to be monitored all the time after purchase, AED equipment, not the body of Vajra, still hard to keep good operation forever. Here comes a question: how and where can I find a reliable AED supplier if I want to buy or replace an AED device?

The truth is the combination of the best AED device and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest, which shows that the reliability of AED equipment plays a critical role in the rescue of patients. An important factor to measure the reliability of the equipment is whether the AED company is reliable. The rest of the article will focus on what to look for AED suppliers / manufacturers.

Whether they comply with the relevant regulations or not.

There are a variety of AED suppliers in the market, not all of which are in line with the legal procedures for production. If you get an unqualified device and your operation cause personal injury or death, you may not be protected by Good Samaritan law. You may even face criminal prosecution. Therefore, select some manufacturers that have been strictly approved by CE, such as Mindray, Philips, Zoll, etc., and legally register each of your AED device after purchase. CE tests the products of AED manufacturers and their accessories, such as batteries, pads etc. Only when they meet the requirements can they be allowed to go on the market, so you should choose the best AED brand in between. If you are not sure whether your AED device complies with the relevant laws and regulations, please contact your AED supplier for more information about your device.

Whether relevant accessories are attached or not.

A completed AED package includes an AED device , a pair of disposable electrode pads, batteries. And manufacturer of the AED device should be able to provide wall mounting solutions such as wall bracket or wall cabinet if possible. Training tools and accessories are also very important. The electrode pads should be replaced every time the defibrillator is used, otherwise it should be replaced before expiration date. The main battery pack should change every 3 or 5 years. However, some AED providers only sell AED machines without other accessories, driving you more energy to look for accessories matching the machine, which is not a worthwhile investment. Therefore, you'd better choose those AED suppliers with complete accessories attached.

Continuous maintenance of AED device could cost asset managers a lot of time and effort. It will be a value-added investment to collaborate with the AED company supports you with tracking and remote management system, such as Mindray's AED Alert System , because the remote positioning of your AED equipment and online management function will dramatically reduce your maintenance costs, especially for government departments.


We know that there are many factors to consider when purchasing AEDs for your organization or place of business. In addition to choosing a reliable AED brand, there are two key points you need to be clear about before your purchase: is the defibrillator for children or adults? Do you need a semi or fully automatic AED?

AEDs for children and adults have different characteristics. If you prepare for children with SCA, it is wise of you to ask the supplier for a dual-mode AEDs (for children and adults), which offers separate pediatric defibrillator pads.

Besides, AED has semi-automatic and full-automatic versions, in which the semi-automatic indicates when the user presses the button on the device to deliver shock, while the automatic version automatically deliver shock when a shockable rhythm is detected. The choice between the two depends on your country’s user habit situation.

At Mindray, we are happy to help you choose the most suitable AED model for you. We focus on the R&D investment and to provide our customers with reliable medical device, and provide customized solutions for maintenance services of the AED. Now visit our website to learn more about AED devices.


[1] The General Public’s Ability to Operate Automated External Defibrillator: A Controlled Simulation Study. World Journal of Emergency Medicine. Volume 11(4), 2020, Pages 238-245. Available at: (Accessed: 22 March 2021)

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