Timely assistance in Spring

Record EHS anti-epidemic materials assistance for international service

If it weren’t because of the epidemic this year, we might not have thought that a thin mask would became the last line of defense to protect human health, let alone know that a small action can cross the mountains, lakes and sea, warmed the heart of the distributors. Mindray, as a member of the global village, has been holding hands with distributors, heart link hearts, and jointly fight the epidemic.
At the beginning of the overseas epidemic outbreak, most of the Mindray overseas distributors faced a hard situation of providing terminal services without wearing protective clothing or masks, and exposed to infection risks. International service took over the company's policies in a timely manner, produced a questionnaire for collected distributors EHS material requirements.

During this period, the overseas epidemic situation showed an explosive growth like a reckless beast. The flight compression and even cancellation, lead to the freight skyrocket, and the customs supervision policy changed every day. Restrained by this, the international service promptly launched a comprehensive assistance package (with masks, goggles, etc. in each package. Available for 1 engineer for 20 working days, or 5 engineers for a week). At this time, questions were coming one by one: EHS material mailing weight cannot exceed 2 kg, external packing can’t exist “medical” words, need to provide manufacturer qualification certification, etc. After coordination and communication with many parties, the materials external packaging without prohibited words were replaced, and the qualification documents required by the manufacturers were obtained. International service has overcome many difficulties, and finally delivered the required EHS materials to the express company.

According to demand statistics, the aid covered the first batch of 64 distributors and the second batch of 26 distributors. From the distributor’s name, address, and mobile phone number confirmation (Most of them working at home during the epidemic), to the customs invoices update, and then to the sent tracking number to distributors one by one. The international service has done simple things in a down-to-earth manner, gained praise from distributors and enhanced the positive image of the Mindray brand on the distributor’s side.

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