Africa team, assemble!

The All-around Engineer during Covid-19

James Masitsah

James, local engineer in Kenya, is in charge of Mindray ultrasound and patient monitoring service in Kenya, and is called busy bee by local customers.
Master the service technology from ultrasound to patient monitoring, and be able to communicate with different customers. During covid-19, James was not afraid of danger. He has successively completed the installation and training of patient monitoring, ultrasound and endoscope products to clients, and the maintenance and repair of various models from low-end to high-end. Highly efficient service has been highly praised by the hospital.

The most professional DR Engineer in Africa

Wondwossen Hailemariam

Wond, the local engineer of the Ethiopia, has become a famous radiation expert in Africa.
Ethiopia has the largest number of DR (more than 80 sets) in Africa, and the local distributor resources are temporarily lacking, Wond has completed the local service with his own serious attitude and efficiency. In addition, Wond also actively participated in DR exchanges in other regions of Africa, supporting DR failures in Morocco and Burkina Faso twice in succession, and even supporting customer’s DR trouble shooting overnight, even if power failure could not affect work enthusiasm. His rigorous attitude, solid technology and positive character have become a postcard of our DR products and services in Africa, which is well received by customers.

Believe in brand, Believe in service

Hamza Moumsik

In order to popularize medical science and technology, Mindray will communicate clinical and equipment management experience with local medical professionals and doctors in south Asia every year, each year more than 500 people attended Mindray medical professionals activities organized by the countries in South Asia, every activity was reported by the local newspaper and TV, not only brought Mindray to South Asia, also pushed China to South Asia, now when we go to the hospital of South Asia, receives the local doctors and medical professionals praise.

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