Grow up with Biomedical Engineer together

10 years, on the way to popularize technology

Since we started our operation in Indonesia 10 years ago, we have been continuously enhancing our partnership with local biomedical engineers. On the 10th anniversary of Mindray Indonesia, we celebrate our company's achievement as well as the breakthrough of biomedical engineering organizations in Indonesia. With the rapid development of medical technology, we will work more closely with local biomedical engineers, so that more Indonesians can enjoy the benefits of innovative healthcare.

Maintenance, not only for device

To meet local demands, we communicated with local hospitals on equipment maintenance, covering the operation specifications of preventive maintenance, equipment inspection after maintenance, and secondary training after maintenance, etc. During the communication, we also helped the hospital sort out the maintenance and repair process, which improved the operation efficiency of the hospital

Great health care in South Asia

In order to popularize medical science and technology, Mindray will communicate clinical and equipment management experience with local medical professionals and doctors in south Asia every year, each year more than 500 people attended Mindray medical professionals activities organized by the countries in South Asia, every activity was reported by the local newspaper and TV, not only brought Mindray to South Asia, also pushed China to South Asia, now when we go to the hospital of South Asia, receives the local doctors and medical professionals praise.

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