How to return a spare part?


Step 1: Contact the Service Department and obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) (Note: The RMA number must appear on the outside of the shipping container. Return shipments will not be accepted if the RMA number is not clearly visible. )

Step 2: Complete the RMA form and follow the INSTRUCTIONS in the RMA. (Note: Please write down the model number and serial number together with a brief description of the reason for return.)

Step 3:
Deliver the parts to the designated site shown in the RMA form.


What is a Declaration Letter?

The “Declaration Letter” is the Declaration Letter of Advance Parts Replacement. In accordance with the Mindray service policy, replacement(s) will be sent after receipt of the defective part(s). However, Mindray can provide its distributor with early consignment, simply by the distributor signing this letter as a guarantee that all defective part(s) will be returned to Mindray's Hong Kong Representative Office within one month of the date of signing.


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