BeneHeart D6


BeneHeart D6, a professional biphasic defibrillator-monitor, meets the requirements of medical professionals in hospitals and clinics worldwide. The compact, durable, and ergonomic design of D6 makes it suitable for emergency use. Proven technologies ensure a robust unit, ready to be used in different environments. With different operation modes (manual defibrillation, AED, pacer, and monitoring mode) you are in control of any situation.

Key Features

 · 4-in-1 design including: monitoring, Manual Defib, AED, and Pacer
 · All necessary optional Vital Sign monitoring functions integrated, making it convenient for emergency use without the additional need for a separate patient monitor
 · Large and vivid display with 4 waveforms to ensure easy viewing of ECG and vital signs
 · Compact design: easy to carry and easy to operate
 · Defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion and AED with Biphasic technology
 · Up to 360J escalating dose energy to maximize defibrillation success
 · Powerful power capacity with batteries to support continuous long time monitoring and shocks during  transport without external power supply.
 · Powerful data storage, no worries about losing information.

*  Mindray provides 3 options of SpO2 measurement, Mindray, Masimo and Nellcor. For further information about the availability of Masimo and Nellcor SpO2, please contact your local sales representatives.

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