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An emerging all-around player in ultrasound field”

Mindray 2018-07-19

In the realm of ultrasound imaging, DC-60 Exp with X-Insight, a newly-launched solution from Mindray, is gaining momentum rapidly. Recognized as an all-around player by clinicians, the ergonomically designed device features a broad monitor, a sleek touch screen, a unique dual-wing floating arm and a slim profile, which give it a distinctive appearance and remarkable ease of use.

Of course, the essential factor that earns the system its reputation of versatility is not the gorgeous outline design, but its extraordinary performance in three aspects – imaging speed, dynamicity and accuracy, which is enabled by the X-Insight solution through eXpress Clarity, eXceptional Intelligence and eXceeding Experience.

Speedy imaging

Driven by the powerful X-Engine plus the secure and efficient SSD transmission, the system demonstrates powerful capability in fast imaging; further combined with advanced transducer technologies such as ComboWave with 3T, it delivers amazing efficiency, especially for basic imaging in General Imaging and Radiology, so that the clinicians can experience eXpress Clarity truly and sufficiently.

ComboWave linear transducer

Dynamic imaging

In cardiac and vascular applications, this ultrasound system shows a lively performance; and with the support of advanced features such as Auto EF and Smart Track, it always presents dynamic imaging results, not only for basic images of heart and vessels, but also in multiple modes including Color, PW, TDI and TTQA.

TDI QA (Tissue Doppler Imaging Quantification Analysis)

TTQA (Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis)

Accurate imaging

The popularity of the device is largely attributed to its performance in OB-GYN. It excels not only in the breadth of 3D/4D projection imaging, but also in the precision of various details in GYN. In these two major fields, it does a wonderful job with ease, demonstrating eXpress Clarity with remarkable accuracy.

3D/4D performance

Besides the outstanding ergonomic design and excellent capability, the eXceptional Intelligence takes the functionality of the system to an even higher level. With intelligent tools such as Smart Plane CNS, Smart OB, Smart FLC, iWorks and more, it exemplifies the excellent combination of speed, precision, consistency and productivity enabled by the X-Insight solution.

Smart FLC

As the newest member of Mindray’s X-Insight family, DC-60 Exp with X-Insight is committed to serving as a trustworthy partner for clinicians. With efficient, practical and user-friendly functions, as well as intelligent, precise, and clear imaging, the system is poised to bring eXceeding Experience and exceptional diagnostic confidence to the ultrasonic medical community in the future.

The future of patient care and clinical requirements are vastly changing. With ultrasound technology constantly evolving, Mindray is listening to the voice of customers, and providing the most advanced solution for high efficiency with precision imaging.

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