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BC-5390 | Efficient, Reliable, Easy to use

Mindray 2017-04-01

Laboratories have long been facing multiple challenges, including clinical, operational and financial issues. The solution is to find the analyzer that best meets your lab's needs and goals. Efficient, reliable, and easy to use, Mindray's new BC-5390 is just what you want. It's a compact, FDA-approved, 5-part Auto Hematology Analyzer that delivers high productivity, better accuracy and improved patient care, without sacrificing your budget or space.

E Efficient

The analyzer requires very low sample volumes. It gives rapid and accurate CBC+DIFF test results from a mere 33 μl of blood. In the pre-dilute mode, the sample amount reduces to only 20 μl. To increase walk-away time, an autoloader is equipped to hold 40 tubes with random access and offers a fast throughput of 60 tests per hour.

Compared to the similar models in the industry, the BC-5390 has lower reagent consumption per test, lower dead volume per bottle and less maintenance to minimize your cost.

The operator may pause the instrument during sample processing to prioritize STAT sample tests.

With different holder adapters, the analyzer supports three analysis modes - venous whole blood mode, pre-diluted mode and capillary whole blood mode. Capillary whole blood can be accurately tested directly which is more convenient for both patients and lab staff, making the analyzer an ideal choice to work with on the pediatric and geriatric samples.

R Reliable

The BC-5390 utilizes the power of three mainstream technologies - laser scatter, ­flow cytometry, and chemical dye, to provide more accurate clinical information. The special chemical dye treatment helps better differentiate Eosinophils from Neutrophils in the DIFF scattergram, even on samples with high density of Eosinophils. It can also flag abnormal samples upon detection.

The analyzer is empowered by the fluid sensing technology to detect clot, bubble and insufficient sample, ensuring accurate sample aspiration. It also has remarkable sample stability - the whole blood samples may be stored up to 24 hours at room temperature and 36 hours at refrigerated temperatures.

Its reagents, calibrators, and controls are FDA approved. These closed system reagents are cyanide free, non-toxic and biodegradable, which can be stored at room or refrigerated temperatures with excellent shelf life of up to 2 years.

E Easy to use

The analyzer uses the same windows-based software as that of BC-6800 and BC-5000/5150, with which you can easily perform routine tests, manage patient results, set up auto-cleaning and connect with LIS server.

To save labor and time, which is the key to optimized laboratory management, the maintenance operation of the BC-5390 is simple and convenient, and the shutting down is also hassle-free.

The BC-5390 Auto Hematology Analyzer, with its high efficiency, reliability and user-friendly design, is your laboratory copilot in achieving excellent test performance, and high productivity with minimized budget.