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Mindray Showcases Latest Innovation at MEDICA 2017

Mindray, a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, is displaying its latest innovations in all key business lines, namely Patient Monitoring and Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging System, at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 13 to 16. Being the world’s largest medical trade fair, MEDICA has been held for more than 46 years and attracts over 5,000 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors. 

"The core challenge of healthcare in the future is how to improve the overall system efficiency. From improving individual device's performance and value to building IT network systems, and to the ease of use of the entire system, these are all concerns of Mindray in our product planning and R&D." Mindray President Cheng Minghe says at the trade show. 

One of Mindray's star exhibits is the BeneVision N Series Patient Monitors flagshipped by iF-award-winning BeneVision N22/N19 with N12, N15 and N17 expanding the portfolio for different clinical settings. BeneVision N Series features cutting-edge measurements such as INVOS rSO2, ICG, PiCCO, AG, RM, BIS, NMT and powerful CAA (Clinical Assistive Applications) such as HemoSight ™ and ST Graphic™ to help enhance diagnostic confidence. The iView clinical informatics workstation and BeneLink platform improve the efficiency of information flow. 

Another highlight is the SV800/SV600 Ventilator. As a high-end ventilator featured with 1080P HD wide screen, SV800/SV600 combines an intuitive customized UI with powerful assistive tools and modules. It enables clinicians to make life supporting much more easily and enjoy the unprecedented operational freedom, decision-making freedom and connecting freedom in the hectic clinical environment. Visitors can also see our digital OR solution with Mindray's diversified surgical product portfolio.

The booth also showcased Mindray's highlight innovations in In-Vitro Diagnostics including SAL 6000 Modular System and CAL 6000 Cellular Analysis Line. SAL 6000 Serum Automation Line is a high-functioning integrated system connecting seamlessly the chemistry analyzer BS-800M with the chemiluminescence immunology analyzer CL-2000i. By delivering fast, reliable results of both clinical chemistry and immunology tests on one platform, the system is designed to optimize laboratory workflow and achieve maximum efficiency. Mindray CAL 6000 is a benchtop cellular analysis line that connects two units of BC-6000 or BC-6200 auto hematology analyzers and one unit of SC-120 auto slide maker & stainer. The compact streamlined workstation helps save more laboratory space and delivers fast throughput of up to 220 samples and 120 slides per hour.

Resona 7 Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems attracts great attention. As the flagship of Mindray ultrasound, Resona Series kick-starts a new era for Mindray’s ultrasound business in the premium market. Based on the innovative software-driven ZST+ platform, Resona Series is an intelligent medical imaging system that evolves with clinician's changing demands for diagnostic imaging. Powered by Zone IntelligenceTM, Resona Series provides a total solution to enhance diagnostic confidence, efficiency, and standardization across different diagnostic challenges in today’s demanding and overburden hospital environment. The TE7 Touch Screen Ultrasound System with the new iVocal feature is another eye-popping innovation at the exhibition. The voice activated command iVocal feature of TE7, incorporating voice recognition function in the ultrasound solution allows clinicians to control system functions by voice command alone, embracing development in ultrasound user comfort and operator ergonomics. No need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard, the TE7 is designed to provide superior quality imaging for rapid patient-care decisions by offering intuitive gesture controls and efficient focused point-of-care exams. The combination of advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design improves diagnostic confidence and efficiency.

MEDICA reflects the trends and developments in the medical equipment sector and is a significant platform for Mindray to showcase its achievements and vision for the future of medical care. Mindray's participation in MEDICA underscores the company's increasing global presence and its commitment to share medical technologies with the world.


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