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Mindray Shines at Arab Health 2019

Dubai, a shining pearl in the desert, attracts people from around the world with its sun, sand, surf, high-end relaxation and old charm. And as the business hub in the Middle East, Dubai sees hundreds of thousands of regional and international trade conducted here every day, including the healthcare trade. For healthcare professionals, Arab Health, held in Dubai every year, the leading and largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East with over 43 years of history, is exactly a hub of knowledge, exchanges and industry insights.

This year, Mindray also brings its latest innovations of Patient Monitoring and Life Support, and Medical Imagining System to Arab Health, sharing medical technologies and products with over 85,000 health and trade professionals from the region and the world over.
Mindray at Arab Health 2019.

PMLS Solutions
As one of the mainstays of Mindray, the Patient Monitoring and Life Support solutions wowed the crowd at Arab Health with its comprehensive sets of products and newly-launched innovations.

With the client needs in mind, Mindray has just launched the brand new mid-range patient monitors - the ePM Series, targeting the real pain points in sub-acute units, general wards, emergency rooms, recovery units etc. It was for the first time that this much-anticipated series was officially unveiled to the public after its launch. Out of question, the ePM Series patient monitors have quickly made a splash among all the visitors. 

Featuring remarkable simplicity of use, the ePM series combines excellent visual and operation experience with Mindray's innovative CrozFusion technology and the specially designed sub-acute IT solution. In face of the heavy workload of sub-acute care, the ePM series empowers caregivers to carry out efficient health monitoring at no cost of the functionality.

The ePM Series patient monitors, featuring the evolution of simplicity. 

Another newly-launched star is HyLED X Series surgical lights, which are designed to make surgery process better-lit, allowing surgeons to always stay focused. The HyLED X Series has applied the eye-relaxing design iRelax to help reduce eye fatigue, the multi-functional handle to enhance flexibility, and the low joint resistance design to allow smooth movement during surgery.  

The HyLED X Series surgical lights, lightening your work.

Other flagship products also captured a lot of attention. The widely recognized BeneVision patient monitoring solution has once again impressed the crowd with its well-proven capability of data storage, transfer and analysis, in addition to its pioneering built-in Clinical Assistive Applications (CAAs), which helps clinicians analyze complicated data and make an accurate diagnosis.

The intelligent & rotatable BeneVision N22, helping you see more with ease.

As the star member of the BeneVision family, BeneVision N1 surprised visitors with its powerful functionality and incredibly compact body, which is just of the same size of their palms. BeneVision N1 is a perfect solution for both intra- and out-of-hospital patient transport, with the ability to provide reliable monitoring at all stages of hospitalization from ER through OR to ICU.
The BeneVision N1 transport patient monitor, just fitting into your hand and operated at your fingertip.

It was not a surprise to see many visitors being attracted by HD3 Endoscope Camera System with the new endoscopy instruments. As the newly launched product in Mindray PMLS family, it represents Mindray new strategic direction of minimally invasive surgery business. HD3 features the latest image sensors and video processing technology, generating live images with high clarity, which has greatly impressed the crowd.

The HD3 Endoscope Camera System and Laparoscopic Instruments, arousing interest among visitors. 

The second generation of BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pump system is also on display. It takes SAFE infusion as its primary consideration - the acronym for Smart system, Accurate infusion, Friendly design, Easy connection. 
The BeneFusion 5 Series Infusion System, dedicated to delivering SAFE infusion to patients.

The WATO EX-65 Pro Anesthesia Workstation, more powerful in functionality, more user-friendly in operation.

The SV800 Ventilator, supporting an extensive range of ventilation modes.

The BeneHeart Series, offering the professional and powerful life-saving solution.

The comprehensive OR Solution, significantly improving work efficiency.

Ultrasound Solutions

Ultrasound has been proved to be equally effective in today's diagnostic capability. Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography™ Technology Plus platform, Resona 7 brings the ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. Embodied with capabilities in clinical research and diagnosis, like Sound Touch Elastography for precise quantification, Fusion Imaging with respiration compensation and Vivid Vector Flow, Resona 7 is truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation.
Resona 7, the premium ultrasound, enhancing the confidence and efficiency of clinical diagnosis.

Sound Touch Elastography, an advanced tool for more precise quantification of tissue stiffness. 

With insight into clinical needs and advanced technology, X-insight, a cart-based ultrasound solution for comprehensive demand, is no doubt another eye-catcher at Arab Health. As the outcome of Sino-American joint R&D efforts, it takes a revolutionary approach involving three "X" es – eXpress Clarity, eXcepetional Intelligence and eXceeding Experience, delivering high efficiency with precision imaging.
DC-80 with X-Insight, bringing intelligent solution in the patient throughput.

DC-70 with X-Insight, helping manage daily clinical practice with ease and certainty.

TE7, a pioneer ultrasound system in POC, was very popular among all the visitors for its complete disinfection solution, safe needling features and superior quality imaging.

Incorporated with the eSpacial Navi™, a 4D magnetic needle navigation technology, TE7 is able to perform intelligent visualization during both in-plane and out-of-plane procedures, bringing a higher level of safety and efficiency in daily practice.

TE7, incorporated with the dedicated solution for the pioneer of care.

eSpacial Navi™, visualizing the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of-Plane procedures.

All the innovations exhibited this time give full expression to the efforts that Mindray has made to provide intelligent, accessible, high-quality and innovative solutions for people in need. Mindray's enduring dedication to the local market has won the trust of lots of customers and some of them specially came to Mindray's booth at Arab Health, to visit Mindray's latest innovations and share their stories with Mindray.

Mindray is dedicated to sharing more medical technologies and advocating greater healthcare exchanges to the region through the platform of Arab Health and other regional activities. With the mission of "advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible", Mindray will go on bringing better healthcare within reach and adding bricks to the healthcare and also people-to-people exchanges in the region. 


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