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Mindray M7 Supported Free Clinic in Tibet

From July 12th to August 9th, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation and the General Hospital of Armed Police Force organized a medical mission, providing free congenital heart disease screening for children in Tibet Nyingchi, Lhasa, Shigatse and Qamdo. Mindray offered the hand-carried color Doppler Diagnostic Ultrasound System M7 to support this mission.

Due to the rigorous climate and poor living condition, congenital heart diseases prevail in Tibet, with the incident of children getting heart diseases 2-3 times than that in plain areas. Among the 20000 children examined during this free clinic in Tibet, 108 have been diagnosed with heart defects including ASD, VSD, PDA and PS.

Few clinics in Tibet are equipped with ultrasound devices, the key tools to diagnose the congenital heart disease. Therefore M7 offered by Mindray has played an important role in the screening of this mission. Its high-quality and real-time dynamic images on the high plateau provide the doctors with abundant information of heart structure, function, hemodynamics and etc.

“Sometimes we need to screen more than 200 children per day in remote rural areas, which requires the ultrasound device to be portable, stable, easy-to-use and efficient.” Said Hou Haijun, the Associate Chief Physician from Ultrasound Department of the General Hospital of Armed Police Force, “M7 fulfills all the requirements we have had for this trip. Its high-quality image and user-friendly interface, as well as the portability and stability enable us to precisely diagnose the disease in a very short time.”

After the diagnose, the 108 children detected with heart defects by M7 will be brought to Beijing for further free treatment.


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