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Mindray International Exchange Program on Hematology: Linking Medical Expertise Across Borders

Mindray has always been committed to the development of the In-Vitro Diagnostics field through scientific studies and exchanges. As a key player in the industry, Mindray regards it as its mission to foster communication and build bridges between diagnostics experts from around the world to come together to exchange ideas. It has done this not only through organizing Mindray International IVD Forum (MIIF) globally, bringing together key opinion leaders to discuss latest scientific developments in the field, but also by sponsoring international exchange programs where experts across the world come to China, one of the fastest-growing countries in the laboratory diagnostics field.

On November 25-28, 2018, Mindray organized an exchange program where a group of 16 doctors and experts in the field of clinical hematology from Romania, Spain and India were invited to Mindray headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Focusing on the discussion of clinical hematology, the 4-day exchange program included Mindray headquarters & manufacturing center visits, Mindray Hematology Exchange Forum, and a visit to a renowned hospital in Guangzhou. The well-organized activities and productive exchanges between hematology experts from Europe, India and China received unanimously high praise from all participants.

The visiting group started their journey by taking a tour around Mindray's headquarters, Reliability Testing Lab, Standardization Lab and manufacturing center. For most doctors, it was their first time to visit the manufacturing site of a Chinese medical device company. They were all impressed with the spotless workplace, rigorous quality management procedures and intelligent manufacturing systems, all important factors behind Mindray's safe and reliable products. "I'm really, really, really impressed. In my opinion, the level of quality and standard here in China is the same as that in Europe," said Dr. Eloisa Urrechaga Igartua, Director of Hematology Dept. at Hospital de Galdakano, Spain, in an interview with Mindray later.

The medical experts from Europe and India visited Mindray’s new show room in the headquarters.

A Mindray Hematology Exchange Forum was held the next day, attended by the European and Indian medical experts as well as Mindray's Marketing and R&D team. Insightful exchanges on the most current topics of clinical hematology went on between the international experts and Mindray. Mindray's hematology product team introduced the company's new hematology technologies and latest scientific findings in hematology, which inspired the doctors and experts at the meeting, leading to a heated group discussion. The doctors shared the challenges they faced in clinical diagnosis, especially the special pathological samples they encountered in clinical cases. As users of diagnostics devices, the caregivers expressed their expectations to work with leading manufacturers like Mindray in the future on the research and development of optimized diagnostic solutions to address these clinical problems. Many of the doctors also conveyed their satisfaction of using Mindray's hematology solution, citing better performance in detecting important parameters than other top international brands.

The medical experts and Mindray marketing, R&D team had a heated discussion about the most relevant topics on clinical hematology. 

At the end of the exchange forum, the participants expressed their appreciation for Mindray's effort in providing a high-quality platform for experts across borders to meet and share. "This is a first in my experience, having doctors, clinicians, and the R&D team of a medical device manufacturer sitting in one room to discuss clinical issues. It's important to get our real needs across to the medical device makers," said Dr. Asiq Sideeque. N, Professor & HOD Pathology at MES Medical College, Perinthalmanna, India. 

Organized by Mindray, the group of international experts also visited the First Affiliated Hospital to Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou, China. Dr. Yingchun Zhou, Laboratory Chief, on behalf of the hospital, received the group with hospitality and arranged exchange meetings where both parties had an in-depth discussion on various topics ranging from the medical systems in each country to the future development of laboratory diagnostics, and compared notes on laboratory management. 

The representatives from Romania, Spain and India were impressed by the well organization and high efficiency of China's laboratories despite the overwhelming workload; Dr. Zhou regarded that China could learn from their peers in Europe and India in terms of quality management and regulatory standardization. During the meeting, Dr. Zhou introduced the current development of traditional Chinese medicine to the foreign doctors. She pointed out the relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine as complementary rather than contradictory in terms of providing optimal diagnosis, and emphasized the role modern diagnostics technology played in supplementing the discipline. 

The representatives from India, a country with the most ancient traditions in medicine like China, were impressed by how far traditional Chinese medicine had come with the strong support of the Chinese government. They hoped the two countries' practitioners could have more opportunities to meet and share on improving the development of the ancient practice.

Dr. Zhou introduced traditional Chinese medicine to international medical experts. 

A doctor from India shared his insights on laboratory management with the audience.  

The visiting group was later given a tour around the laboratory and other departments in the hospital. In the lab where Mindray CAL 8000 Cellular Analysis Line is used for hematology testing, the foreign experts had a glimpse of how China's laboratories are utilizing advanced technologies to improve efficiency and deliver reliable test results.

The group visited the laboratory in the First Affiliated Hospital to Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

After the meeting, the doctors from Europe and India showed great interest in traditional Chinese medicine, and invited Dr. Zhou, on behalf of the First Affiliated Hospital, to go and visit their hospitals and laboratories for further exchange. Both the hospital and visitors regarded the program as fruitful and expressed their appreciation of Mindray for facilitating such high-level international communication.

As a leading medical solution provider, Mindray is committed to supporting clinicians and caregivers from around the world with not only high-quality equipment solutions, but also pathways to exchange valuable knowledge and expertise across borders. With the vision to bring better healthcare for all, Mindray will continue its dedication to building solid support for medical experts. 

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