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Mindray at MEDICA 2013

Mindray Medical International Limited, a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices,  displayed its latest products at MEDICA 2013 in Düsseldorf during the 20-23rd November. MEDICA is the world’s largest medical trade event, attracting around 130,000 visitors from more than 100 countries every year.

"We are proud to be one of the more than 4,500 exhibitors showcasing many innovative products from our Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Medical Imaging Systems business segments,” said David Yin, Mindray’s International General Manager. “We received very positive response from people visiting our booth and our showcased products demonstrated how Mindray listens to customers’ needs to create innovative, tailored and ergonomic solutions.”

Mindray’s Patient Monitoring & Life Support team demonstrated to visitors its new BeneView TDS (T1 Docking station), a truly integrated and adaptive patient monitoring system that performs well from the emergency room all the way to the intensive care unit. With a specially designed handle, the TDS is compact, lightweight and easily portable for monitoring on the go. Its MPM module and transport monitor enables plug-and-play direct with host BeneView monitors. With an auto-switchable wireless and wired network it can connect seamlessly with Hypervisor central stations and CMS remote viewers. Patients’ medical records can be centrally stored, managed, and accessed remotely, enabling clinicians to make quicker and more informed patient care decisions.

The BeneHeart R12 electrocardiograph was also profiled at MEDICA. The R12 employs the globally recognized Glasgow 12-lead algorithm analysis to improve diagnostic accuracy in both children and adults. The machine takes only seven seconds to start up and allows for pre-acquisition of a 10-second waveform, which enable immediate recording for faster clinical response.  It offers a full print preview image, which helps physicians decide if an immediate repeat electrocardiogram(ECG) is needed, speeding up the workflow and enabling data to be sent to the ECG management system without the need to print out the ECG. The R12 is affordable, compact, delivers faster patient testing, and cuts back on costly ECG paper.

Mindray also launched its Array VP5 series of infusion pumps at MEDICA, making a milestone for the company as it moves into the high-end infusion pump market. The new products offer improved safety and accuracy. Mindray will showcase the Array SP5 TIVA and Array NEO for anaesthesiology and neonatal applications as well as an Array Docking Station in other trade fairs and congresses over the coming year.

Within the In-Vitro Diagnostics segment, Mindray profiled its new Modular System, the OmniLab SAL 8000, which delivers high throughput and seamless scalable integration with the CL-2000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System and the BS-2000/BS-800 Modular System for accurate results, optimized workflow and user-friendly interface for operators. Also featured was an OmniLab hematology system, CAL 8000 which consolidates all the essential steps of today’s hematology tests into one powerful workstation. The workstation combines the exceptional performance of the BC-6800 hematology analyzers and the SC-120 slide maker and stainers with proven track record of scalable automation solution.

At the ultrasound imaging exhibition, Mindray’s high-end Diagnostic Ultrasound System, DC-8 stepped into the spotlight. Since its launch, DC-8 has gained a loyal following with its best-in-class image quality, ergonomics and reliable diagnosis. The DC-8 benefits from Mindray’s patented 3T transducer technology to increase image bandwidth and transmission efficiency. An echo-enriched beam former provides better'out of focus’ resolution and deeper image penetration. Mindray’s exclusive processing algorithm drives the HR Flow™ technology which allows better visualization of tiny vessels and complex flow patterns. A complete and extensive view of anatomical structures using panoramic imaging, velocity indication and forward/backward scan ability is facilitated using the iScape™ technology for easier, smoother and more controllable scanning. The DC-8 also boasts UWN Contract Imaging™, Mindray’s unique contrast imaging technology, utilizing contrast agent characters with both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals to get improved S/N ratio for better diagnostic details and longer agent duration for better observation.

Visitors at MEDICA were very interested to see Mindray’s latest radiology innovations, the DigiEye780 and DigiEye 760 Smart. The DigiEye780 has high DQE flat panel detectors and outstanding image quality, its ceiling-suspended design and flexible control model support numerous clinical applications. The DigiEye-760 Smart, part of Mindray’s series of flat-panel digital radiography systems, is a single trail, ceiling suspended machine that can be installed in smaller rooms, it offers a flexible layout, excellent image quality and improved efficiency. Auto and manual operation is supported and multi-angle and multi-position scanning improves patient comfort, reduces operator’s workload and offer imaging flexibility.

Mindray also exhibited the HyLED 9 series of LED surgical lights which offer excellent luminous efficiency a heat-free light source and remarkable long service life for total support in the operating theatre.












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