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Mindray Transforms Spot Check Patient Monitoring with New VS Series Vital Signs Monitors


Mindray (SZSE: 300760), a global leader in the development of innovative healthcare technology, today launched its new VS 9 and VS 8 Vital Signs Monitors, which are now available in Europe, Australia and other selected regions. From inpatient admissions to spot checks, Mindray VS Series unlocks the full potential of routine observations, empowering medical staff to deliver patient-centric care.

In order to monitor patient status precisely and timely, nurses need to record and file vital signs in detail for each patient, which increases both the workload and the risk of error caused by manual transcription. Mindray VS Series addresses these challenges with a true-to-life workstation that transforms spot check patient monitoring.

The VS Series delivers precise vital sign measurements at rapid speeds, maximizing patient comfort, clinical efficiency as well as patient safety. Empowered by patented technologies, Mindray’s TrueBPTM measurement takes accurate NIBP value in just 15 seconds, while TrueRespTM measurement records a patient’s respiration rate (RR) automatically from the SpO2 finger sensor.

Featuring a vivid 10.1″ touch screen that supports swapping and switching between parameters, workflow profiles and assessment tools, the VS 9 enables a flexible and fully customizable range of observation profiles to fit different patient groups, departments or clinical tasks, thereby consolidating and speeding up bedside assessments.

In addition, the integrated automated Early Warning Score (EWS) solution of Mindray VS Series calculates patient scores and provides customizable escalation messages to support timely clinical interventions. The patient’s EWS scores can also be integrated into the EWS dashboard at CMS, allowing clinicians to monitor patient status in a comprehensive manner anytime, anywhere.

Boasting truly interoperable connectivity, the VS 9 makes digital patient data integration simple. It can seamlessly link into different third-party EMR systems, or connect to the integrated CMS that allows medical staff to monitor patient data from spot check and continuous monitoring at the same time. Besides, Mindray M-IoT Device Manager provides detailed status and diagnostics of all Mindray vital signs devices and other Mindray products across the hospital, helping engineers maximize the clinical efficiency of their devices.

By means of all these innovative designs and technologies, the VS Series not only brings a better workflow for everyone, but also firmly supports clinicians to deliver patient-centered care, so as to further ensure patient safety.


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