AION™ 01

AION™ 01
CO2 and N2O

The AION™ 01 is a sidestream CO2 and N2O analyzer aimed at the mid and low-end market segments.

  1. NDIR side stream gas analyzer
  2. Measures CO2 and N2O
  3. Calculates inspired and expired concentrations of all gases
  4. Interfaces to paramagnetic or fuel cell oxygen sensors Generates up to five simultaneous waveforms
  5. Fast warm up (ISO specification within 45 seconds, full accuracy within 10 minutes)
  6. Flow controlled gas sampling pump, 70-200 ml/min user selectable gas sampling flow
  7. RS232 host interface
  8. Small size 80 x 107 x 51.5 mm (3.1" x 4.2" x 2")
  9. Low power consumption (typically less than 3.7 W)
  10. Market leading reliability, proven MTBF greater than 40.000 h.
  11. Connects directly to Artema DRYLINE™ water traps and Artema OXIMA™ Galvanic Oxygen Sensor, Servomex Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensor or SPIRIT™ Respiratory Mechanics System.
  12. Fully compatible with other AION™ versions.

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