Artema launches SPIRIT™


SPIRIT™ is a high-end OEM respiratory mechanics system that adds a full set of respiratory mechanics parameters to your patient monitor, anesthesia machine or ventilator.

The system consist of a compact (51 x 90 x 27 mm) central unit, the SPIRIT™ Respiratory Mechanics Analyzer and disposable SPIRIT™ flow sensors with integrated side-stream gas sampling line. The SPIRIT™ Flow Sensors are available in versions for adults and pediatrics.

The system is characterized by the same high performance and reliability as the AION™ Multigas system

Product features:

  • Provides full set of respiratory mechanics parameters
  • Disposable flow sensors available in adult and pediatric versions
  • Panel connector with automatic identification of flow sensor type
  • Automatic real-time compensation for gas composition and side-stream gas sample flow
  • Seamless integration with AION™ and DRYLINE™ product families
  • RS 232 host interface

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