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Based on feedback from our existing customers and the overall market, Artema is launching a comprehensive range of AION™ product options at prices which reflect current market requirements.


The existing AION™ is well recognised as a market leader in terms of quality, performance and size. It has been selected by a number of market leaders for use in the most advanced markets in the world including Europe, Japan and USA. The AION™ exceeds customer requirements and specifications for multigas analysis in these markets.

Artema AB have identified numerous applications and markets where the level of performance of the existing AION™ is not required and where cost is a major factor in deciding whether to provide the gas analysis as an option.


Consequently Artema is launching a range of options for the AION™ which will allow it's customers to select the configuration most suited to their needs at a competitive price. Reduced costs have also allowed for significant price reductions across the full product range.

The new range of options will include:


1. Three different versions of the AION™

  1. Existing AION™ with full Agent ID. (CO2, N2O, HAL, ISO, ENF, SEV, DES)
  2. New AION™ without Agent ID. (CO2, N2O, HAL, ISO, ENF, SEV, DES)
  3. New AION™ without agent measurement (CO2, N2O)


2. Two pump versions

  1. Existing Pump with Flow Control
  2. New lower cost Pump without Flow Control.


3. Two Oxygen Measurement Options

  1. Existing Paramagnetic O2 option
  2. New proprietary fast fuel cell option


Artema Medical AB have maintained the same form and fit for the new product versions which allows the different versions to be easily integrated while maintaining full interchangeability. The software interface has not been changed.

For guideline pricing and additional information on these option please contact Artema Medical AB, click here.

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