Artema Technology® – your partner for respiratory gas measurement
Artema Technology® is the Mindray line brand for OEM respiratory gas measurement technology intended for integration into patient monitors, anaesthesia delivery systems and ventilators. We combine our expertise in respiratory gas measurement with our understanding of OEM business to fulfill the needs of the OEM customer.

Cost Effectiveness
We are dedicated to continuous cost reduction in the respiratory gas measurement field with the goal of broadening the market acceptance for these measurements.

This is achieved by leveraging Mindray’s unique global presence which enables product design in Sweden and product implementation in China, plus utilizing a comprehensive design for manufacturability concept in combination with optimized technology platforming.

High Quality & Reliability
Product quality and reliability are our top priorities and form the cornerstone of our design philosophy.

Complete OEM Multigas Solution
We provide a full range of respiratory gas measurement products to fulfill all market requirements, from low to high-end market segments. Our comprehensive technical support ensures easy integration and faster time to market.

Future of Respiratory Gas Measurement Technology
We are actively engaged in market driven Research & Development to secure the future of respiratory gas measurement technology and enable our customers to be at the forefront of the latest market and technology developments.

Long-term Partnership
We are the complete OEM supplier, providing a full range of cost effective and high quality respiratory gas measurement products, while securing the future of respiratory gas measurement technology for our customers  - a long-term partnership dedicated to patient safety and clinician efficiency.

Artema Technology® is supplied by Mindray Medical Sweden AB, part of the global Mindray group.