Victor Zhou
As a Mindrayer, I am devoted to Russia. During my experience in directly contacting with clients, I am always excited for challenges.

While working in Mindray, I had a great opportunity to witness the establishment of Russian branch and led the project with outstanding professional skilled members. Behind the success, there was ceaseless effort and challenges the team have to confront every day. For instance, the ever-changing market and fierce competition with other strong brands. In order to build a strong relationship with the locals, my team and I spent an enormous time connecting with local customers, especially clinicians, to understand their utmost clinical needs.

In the year 2014, I was transferred to another Russia branch to work as the country sales manager of PMLS & Surgical product line. During that time Russia was experiencing a severe economy crisis. We firmly focused on all the available market and project opportunity in the market and present our client with the superiority of our products and take flexible sales strategy , eventually we finish the sales task of this year and enjoyed a positive growth over the last year.

Being acknowledged by my company makes me feel proud and further motivated to continue making greater contributions to Mindray.

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